City to enter into Fort Piqua Plaza Banquet Center management agreement


PIQUA – Piqua City Commission approved a resolution on February 22 authorizing City Manager Paul Oberdorfer to enter into an agreement with Hampton Golf to manage the Fort Piqua Plaza Banquet Center.

This agreement will allow for Hampton Golf to oversee the operations and marketing of the Banquet Center, located on the fourth floor of Fort Piqua Plaza, 116 W. High St. in downtown Piqua. Previously, the Banquet Center has been managed by City staff or contract employees. The City of Piqua will maintain the proceeds from event bookings at the space, and Hampton Golf will be incentivized to bring in additional business that exceeds previous years’ revenue.

“Fort Piqua Plaza is a valuable historic community asset that we want to ensure is managed to its best use and highest potential,” Oberdorfer said. “We need to explore ways to meet the ongoing maintenance needs of the 1891 building through revenue from the leased spaces and Banquet Center bookings. A management relationship for the event venue will help us to do just that.”

Hampton Golf is currently managing the City-owned Echo Hills Golf Club and following its first season in 2023, has already significantly increased revenue for the City of Piqua under its direction.

“We are highly satisfied with the services provided by Hampton Golf under our current agreement for Echo Hills Golf Club,” Oberdorfer said. “Our personal experience with the company coupled with its extensive experience managing similar banquet spaces nationwide made Hampton Golf the clear choice for this management partnership.”

Oberdorfer will provide at least annual updates to Commissioners regarding performance of the Banquet Center, and the contract will allow for a 30-day termination by either party.

For more information about the Fort Piqua Plaza Banquet Center and hosting events at the historic property, visit