The City of Greenville would like to remind the community that per our current contract with Rumpke Waste Incorporated, the next opportunity for large item pick up this year will be:  November 6 – 10, 2023

Large item pick-up service will take place on the resident’s regularly scheduled trash collection day of each of these weeks. (This is for large item purposes only—not bags.)

Rumpke encourages residents to set items out for collection on the evening before their normal collection day.  The following is a list of some items that will NOT be accepted for pick up as part of these “Clean Up” weeks:

* Tires                                 * Liquids and/or hazardous waste
* Lead acid batteries           * Appliances containing CFCs (Freon)
* Concrete                           * Oil tanks
* Large screen TVs (not manageable by one person)

The following is REQUIRED of acceptable items:  

  • Loose materials (such as carpeting, fencing, fence posts, etc.) must be bundled and tied. Each bundle should not exceed 4’ in length and 2’ in diameter or 75 pounds.
  • Propane tanks must be empty and valves removed for collection.
  • Large screen TVs must be manageable by one person to be collected. 
  • Appliances with CFCs removed and clearly documented as such will be acceptable for collection.   
  • A Refrigerant Recovery Statement must be attached to appliances for collection. 
  • Upholstered furniture (sofas, recliners) & mattresses must be wrapped in plastic.
  • No yard waste without stickers.

As a reminder, each resident is allowed to place up to (5) large items out for pick up on their regular collection day during these weeks.

Ryan Delk, Safety Service Director