Caterpillar Making Its Way Around Local Property

Here is a view of the entire caterpillar that has been placed in a flower bed on the front lawn of Shirley Spurlock's home. She plans to continue with the project as she acquires more bowling balls. (Linda Moody Photo)

GREENVILLE–Shirley Spurlock found a caterpillar she liked on Facebook, and now has one of her own.

Why? Because it’s decorating the perimeter of her home in the 300 block of Markwith Avenue in Greenville.

The caterpillar is comprised of decorated bowling balls.

Her life partner, Craig “Cheese” Thompson, had extra bowling balls, so she rolled with that thought in mind to get this mission accomplished.

Because she is off on sick leave from work, Thompson has been doing much of the moving of the bowling balls, because of her limitation on how much she can lift after a recent surgery.

That’s how it started,” she said. “He had 15 of them. Extra ones I have came from Scott Reed of Versailles.”

She started this lawn-decorating project four weeks ago after a surgery.

The balls were placed in their garage, and Thompson, as noted, did all of the lifting and moving, after she painted all of them.

The finished product was placed near their front steps in a flower bed.

She plans to continue on with the project as she gets more bowling balls.

“I have more coming,” said Spurlock, who works at Whirlpool.

Even though it is a clever idea, Spurlock doesn’t claim to be artistic.

“My granddaughter Kenszie Glass, who is 14, is an artist,” Spurlock said. “She can draw really good.”

Shirley Spurlock shows off the caterpillar she created for her front lawn. She used bowling balls, which she painted, to form this colorful decoration. (Linda Moody (photo)

Spurlock has a daughter, Kristel Wiley, and six grandchildren, including Thompson’s, with one on the way.

She graduated in 1980 from Greenville High School and is the daughter of the late Rosie Shell Thiebeau and Edward Thiebeau. She will turn 62 on July 29.

When she’s not working, she stays active.

She is a member of the Booster clubs of both the VFW and American Legion posts in Greenville, and is president of the Eagles Lodge Ladies Auxiliary, also in Greenville.

She is involved in the Eagles’ Car Show in downtown Greenville, which takes place around the first of August.

“I make food for the public,” she said “I will make tenderloins and  fries for the car show.”

Yes, she loves to cook, and her specialty is homemade macaroni and cheese.

“Everybody says I’m a good cook,” she concluded.