Buddy ‘Spill Proof’ Bowl newest pet gadget


Created by inventor Charles Pelsor, the Buddy “Spill Proof” Bowl is the greatest solution to those annoying spilled water bowls all cat and dog owners deal with.

The spill proof, splash proof pet water bowl holds its water upside down, making it virtually impossible for your dog or cat to spill while drinking.

Due to the bowl construction, the water stays cleaner, there’s less wasted water and it deters insects and bird.

The Buddy Bowl is used extensively in Police K9, coon hunting, and by everyday customers as well!

“‘LOVE’ the buddy bowl,” customer D. Harding said. “I no longer have a puppy swimming pool in my kitchen and significantly less puppy drool everywhere! Yippee!”

The Buddy Bowl is non-toxic, BPA free and made in the USA.

Wholesalers are wanted! If interested, email BuddyBowl@ibyfax.com for more information.