Brayden Widener and his Cows


Brayden Widener brought five beef cows to the fair this year: four Heifers and 1 Steer. He goes to Versailles Schools, and this is his first year in the Busy Beavers 4-H Club.

Brayden says his favorite cow is his steer, but his favorite cow to show is a cow named Jolene.

“She’s much calmer because whenever I walk her around, she turns really good,” Brayden said.

He says the most difficult part of showing his cows is washing them and keeping them clean.

Brayden really enjoys coming to the fair.

“I like laying with the cows,” Brayden said.

His favorite ride at the fair is the Ring of Fire, and his favorite food is the elephant ears.

We wish Brayden the best of luck with his cows!