Arcanum Mayor talks with students about L.E.A.D. program

GraceLynn Harter photo

ARCANUM – Arcanum Mayor Bonnie Millard met with middle and high school students at
Arcanum Local Schools that take part in the L.E.A.D. school program, previously known as We Are The Majority Thursday afternoon.

L.E.A.D. was previously known as the teen-led We Are The Majority that was spread throughout the Darke County schools and community. L.E.A.D. stands for Learn, Educate, Achieve, Drug-Free, which is the mission of the program.

Students that take part in this program have the opportunity to teach younger youth in
classrooms, different prevention methods and topics. Students eagerly meet each week with a new activity planned to teach or learn.

Members are encouraged to advocate for the program and its benefits throughout the school.

They educate others of the dangers that come with drugs and alcohol and preventative
measures that they can use.

Adult Leader of the program and Prevention Specialist, Megan Smith had many positive
comments about the program and the youth who are involved in L.E.A.D. to make it happen.

GraceLynn Harter photo

“You guys learn a lot from each other. Your peers who are seeing you be drug-free and alcohol-free is really awesome. There are kids not engaging in those activities anymore and it’s because of you guys,” explained Smith. “We are celebrating you guys this week. This is an appreciation week, you guys do so well,” continued Smith.

This year there was an after-school club implemented with a total of 24 participating students for fifth and sixth grade every Thursday.

Mayor Millard declared this week of May 6, 2024 to May 10, 2024, We Are The Majority
Awareness Week.

She thanked the students for their hard work and effort they put into the program.
“The Recovery and Wellness Centers, along with the peer-led We Are The Majority Program,
are striving to promote public understanding and awareness surrounding the fact that a majority of teens are not using alcohol and illegal drugs,” read Millard.

After the conclusion of the reading of the Declaration, Smith shared a long-awaited official
“I do have an announcement,” exclaimed Smith. “The board has officially decided to change our name from We Are The Majority to L.E.A.D and We Are The Change.”

Millard continued her appreciation of the group and what it does for the community.

“I admire this group for speaking up, so thank you,” Millard concluded.