Annie Oakley to join Poultry Days festival


VERSAILLES – As one of the additions to the Poultry Days festival held this year on June 14-16, Annie Oakley will join the Family Fun Zone and offer 10-minute presentations and a Pop Gun event for kids Saturday from Noon to 5:15 pm and Sunday from Noon to 4 pm. Cait Clark will be there as “Annie”.

Cait works at the Garst Museum of the Darke County Historical Society in Greenville. She has been an ardent student of the Lewis & Clark Expedition for the past sixteen years, having worked at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello while attending the University of Virginia. She has driven the Lewis & Clark Trail solo multiple times and attended the Eastern Trail Extension ceremony in 2019 when Ohio became part of the Trail. She is also the author of From the Treaty City to the Western Sea: Lewis and Clark in Greenville, OH, a nonfiction account of their first meeting in Greenville. Cait also enjoys representing Annie Oakley at events in and around Darke County.”

The event is organized by Garst Museum. The mission of the Foundation is to promote the accurate memory of Annie Oakley and to support Garst Museum and The National Annie Oakley Center.