Alex Warner for Aaron Flatter

Paid for by Alex Warner

Paid for by Alex Warner

To the Editor:

I’m “writing in” support of Aaron Flatter’s candidacy for the position of Darke County Commissioner in the upcoming primary to be held on March 19th.

I’ve known Aaron for many years and have come to appreciate the many qualities and skills that he will bring to the table as a Commissioner. He has a solid background and professional experiences that will be of great benefit to the citizenry of his native county.

I have no doubt that he will make wise, considered decisions which will make the best use of the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars to further enhance the quality of life for the good people of Darke County.

I urge you to join my wife Kathy and myself in “writing in” Aaron Flatter on the primary ballot for Darke County Commissioner on Tuesday, March 19th.

Sincerely, Alex Warner

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