Greenville police blotter



December 1, 7:43 p.m.: Police responded to the Police Dept., in reference to a theft that occurred elsewhere in the City of Greenville. Police spoke to the complainant, Tamara Swartz. Swartz stated that she was alerted by her bank, Greenville Federal, that her bank account was approximately negative $740. Swartz stated that they advised her that there were several transactions going to a Facebook pay account. Swartz stated that she does not have Facebook, and didn’t give anyone permission to use her bank account. Swartz did not have any paperwork at the time, and was advised to bring the paperwork up to file a report. Swartz brought up her bank records on 1/17/23. Swartz advised that there were three transactions between 11/18/22 to 11/19/22 to Wish, that she stated were fraudulent. Swartz also stated that there were eight transactions going to a Facebook pay account between 11/25/22 – 11/29/22. In total there is $859.82 worth of transactions that Swartz stated were fraudulent. Officers asked Swartz if there was anybody that would have access to her bank information. Swartz stated that she paid Joseph McCreery’s phone bill several months ago online, but could not remember the phone provider. Swartz stated that the Bank advised that the money was going to a Facebook accounts belonging to Joey Skaggs and Rachelle Lynn. Swartz stated that her daughter, Taylor Swartz, who is dating Joseph McCreery, advised her that Joseph buys marijuana from Skaggs and has a sister named Rachel Lynn. Swartz also stated that she overheard Joseph state “that bitch will never find out it is me.” Swartz believes that it was in reference to the missing money. Swartz also advised that the bank did reimburse her all the money. Swartz also advised that she has canceled the bank account. Swartz filled out a written statement regarding this incident. The bank records will be attached to this report for evidence. Swartz also stated that the person from the bank she has been in contact with is “Brooke,” but did not have a last name. Officers also spoke to Corey Eagle who is an employee for Greenville Federal. Eagle advised that they did not want to go further with the investigation and advised to close the case.


January 23, 2:02 p.m.: Police were dispatched to Walmart, in reference to a theft that had taken place there. Officers were told by dispatch that Loss Prevention officer, Jodi Edger, had escorted the suspect back into the security office of the store. Police went into the security office and located the defendant, known to me as Cox Jane Cox. At this point Edger interjected, and said most of the items were makeup. Cox admitted to taking the items from the store by placing them in her purse and leaving the store. Edger was given a victim rights form. Edger wrote out a statement regarding this incident. In the statement Edger advised she noticed Cox in the store prior to this incident and believed she was stealing items. Cox selected some items, placing them beside her purse. Cox then moved to the cosmetic section where she did the same. Cox changes aisles where she then proceeds to conceal the items under her sweater. At a certain point Cox reached under her sweater and places the items into her purse. Cox then leaves the store passing all points of purchase without making any attempt to purchase the items concealed in her purse or render payment. Cox did not have permission to take any of the Items. When Edger confronted her outside of the store she stole a variety of goods, totaling $177.27. Cox was trespassed from the property. Cox was issued a citation for theft and later released to her friend, Joyce Crawford.

January 23, 12:23 p.m.: Upon arrival, police spoke to the apartment manager, Tisha Jones. Tisha advised she wanted a welfare check done on the tenant at an apartment, now known to me as Cale Brame. Tisha believed Cale had Covid due to a note being left on the door indicating someone inside had Covid. Officers walked over to the apartment and found it to be unlocked. After knocking and identifying myself as the Police, there was still no answer. Police were told by the apartment manager that someone had seen him around January 17, 2023. Police made entry into the residence and no one was located. Given the state of the apartment it appeared the resident had moved out. On Jan. 25, 2023 Nathan Mancillas, who is a friend of Cale’s, wanted to report him missing. Detective Wolfe, Detective Dickmann, and police went back down to the apartment and verified the apartment was still empty. Police spoke to a neighbor who advised Cale moved to Texas about two weeks prior. Sgt Boyer was able to contact Cale over Facetime and confirmed Cale to not be in any danger and okay. Cale informed Sgt. Boyer that he wanted to get away from issues he had here in Ohio and decided to move away with other friends.


January 24, 8:34 p.m.: Police were dispatched to Greenville Federal Bank, in reference to the bank having possible counterfeit money. Upon my arrival police met with the witness and bank manager, Corey Eagle. Eagle advised me that they had paper dollar bills they believed to be counterfeit. Corey advised that the bills came from various business deposits ranging in time from approximately eight months ago and from various businesses across the county. Upon further inspection of a five, ten and twenty dollar bills it was found that both had FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY typed on them and the bills did not show any water markings or magnetic stripping on the bills. The counterfeit money was taken back to Greenville PD were it was photographed and placed into property as evidence. Please see Photo log for further. Police was able to speak with the Dayton, Ohio Branch of the Secret Service, who was able to advise me that the other bills in question (a one, twenty, fifty and one hundred Dollar bill) were found to be real currency. Those bills were brought back to Greenville Federal and custody was given back over to Corey Eagle. Police also photographed the bills as well.