2023 Darke County Equine Royalty 

(left to right) Gracelynn Harter, Summer Harter, Kailey Schlecty, and Chloe Hoying

On Sunday, June 18, the Darke County Junior Fair Equine Department announced the winners of the 2023 Darke County Jr. Fair Equine Royalty. The process to run for equine royalty includes filling out an application, writing an essay, completing an interview, and completing the equine skillathon exam. From there, all scores are totaled up and averaged out to determine the highest-scoring individual who is deserving of the title.

They began with announcing the 2023 equine princess royalty, which included first runner-up Chloe Hoying of Buckeye Buckaroos 4-H Club and your 2023 Equine Princess, Kailey Schlecty of Buckeye Buckaroos 4-H Club.

Next, they proceeded to announce the 2023 Darke County Equine King, which was awarded to Micah Arbogast of the Horse and Rider 4-H Club.

The first runner-up for the 2023 Equine Queen was awarded to Summer Harter of Trails and Tails 4-H Club, and your 2023 Equine Queen title was awarded to Gracelyn Harter. 


Congratulations to everyone!