WOAC All-Conference Football Team 2022

Western Ohio Athletic Conference 2022 All-Conference Football Team

Offensive Player of the Year: Exzaviar Moody – Ansonia (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Conference Co-Champions: Ansonia, Tri-Village (8 – 1)

Offensive Player of the Year: Exzaviar Moody – Ansonia

Defensive Player of the Year: Brayden Koeller – Twin Valley South

Coach of the Year: Adam Hall – Ansonia

1st Team All-Conference Offense

Offense Linemen: Eyan Hackler (Ansonia), Jason Stover (Ansonia), Jayce Bottoms (National Trail), Sean Roberts (National Trail), Evan Riley (Preble Shawnee) Dillan Plush (Tri-Village), Blake Weyant (Tri-Village)

Quarterbacks: Brody Morton (Preble Shawnee), Braden Keating (Tri-Village)

Running Backs: Exzaviar Moody (Ansonia), Brayden Doran (Preble Shawnee), Colten Vanwinkle (Tri-County North), Reed Wehr (Tri-Village)

Wide Receivers: Malechai Stephenson (Preble Shawnee), Justin Finkbine (Tri-Village), Tanner Printz (Tri-Village)

Kicker: Drew DeWitt (National Trail)

1st Team All-Conference Defense

Defensive Linemen: Eyan Hackler (Ansonia), Ethan Reichert (Ansonia), Phoenix Lewis (National Trail), Aiden Walters (Preble Shawnee), Seth Cook (Tri-Village)

Linebackers: Ian Schmitmeyer (Ansonia), Keegen Weiss (Ansonia), Brody Lynch (Preble Shawnee), Austin Rismiller (Tri-Village), Brayden Koeller (Twin Valley South)

Defensive Backs: Landyn Bowman (Ansonia), Trendon Spence (Ansonia), Garrett Garno (Arcanum), Jamison Watts (National Trail), Grady Hutchinson (Preble Shawnee), Justin Finkbine (Tri-Village)

Return Specialist: Cole Bishop (Twin Valley South)

Punter: Chaz Miller (Dixie)

2nd Team All-Conference Offense

Offensive Line: Anthony Ibarra (Mississinawa Valley), Garrett Campbell (Preble Shawnee), Austin Davis (Tri-County North), Christian Cantrell (Tri-Village), Paul Day (Twin Valley South)

Quaerback: Ian Schmitmeyer (Ansonia)

Running Backs: Keegan Weiss (Ansonia), Chase Ruebush (National Trail), Cais Kingsley (Twin Valley South)

Wide Receivers: Matt Pisano (Mississinawa Valley), Dylan Campbell (Preble Shawnee)

2nd Team All-Conference Defense Defensive Line: Jason Stover (Ansonia), Payton Stout (Arcanum), Brenden Simpson (National Trail), Caiden Kingsley (Twin Valley South)

Linebackers: Jacob Rayburn (Arcanum), Drew DeWitt (National Trail), Reed Wehr (Tri-Village)

Defensive Backs: Kaydn Edwards (Ansonia), Isaac Blankenship (Preble Shawnee), Noah Finkbine (Tri-Village), Cais Kingsley (Twin Valley South)

Special Mention All-Conference

Trevor Hemmerich (Ansonia), Jared Schmitmeyer (Ansonia), Garrett Stammen (Ansonia), Dakota Kendig (Arcanum), Jacob Rayburn (Arcanum), Marcus Rayburn (Arcanum), Zade Shank (Arcanum), Landon Subler (Arcanum), Jacob Bartrum (Dixie), Parker Butler (Dixie), Aiden Martin (Dixie), Nathan Myers(Dixie), Jesse Rickertt (Dixie), Drew Anguiano (Mississinawa Valley), Chastan Daniels (Mississinawa Valley), Leland Kauffman (Mississinawa Valley), Kaden Mote (Mississinawa Valley), Brandon Pisano (Mississinawa Valley), Adam Rodeheffer (Mississinawa Valley), Levi Staver (Mississinawa Valley), Trent Trobridge (Mississinawa Valley), Dylan Wehrkamp (Mississinawa Valley), Ben Browning (National Trail), Cayden Clark (National Trail), Jordan Heck (National Trail), Burgan Hoffman (National Trail), Gage Lesh (National Trail), Joey Roberts (National Trail), Brodie Strawser (National Trail), Bryce Thompson (National Trail), Ashton Agnew (Preble Shawnee), Don Ledford (Preble Shawnee), John McKnight (Preble Shawnee), Cooper Roell (Preble Shawnee), Cooper Shrout (Preble Shawnee), Riley Stevenson (Preble Shawnee), Dylan Zornes (Preble Shawnee), Brayden Dawson (Tri-County North), Franklin Filburn (Tri-County North), Logan Flory (Tri-County Noth), Garrett Hutchinson (Tri-County North), Alex Klingenberger (Tri-County North), Jon Shirley (Tri-County North), Logan Call (Tri-Village), Jace Lipps (Tri-Village), Eric Allison (Twin Valley South), Jack Gose (Twin Valley South), Carson Hurst (Twin Valley South), WhyattLakes (Twin Valley South), Remington McQueen (Twin Valley South)

WOAC Coach of the Year – Adam Hall, Ansonia (Gaylen Blosser photo)
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