Village Green Raises Money for the Alzheimer’s Association with Hot Dog Lunch


GREENVILLE – For the past five weeks, the Village Green Health Campus has been putting on a hot dog drive-through lunch to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

The drive-through is open on Fridays from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. For just $5, you get a hot dog, chips, a cookie, and soda. 100% of the proceeds made from the hot dog drive-through go to the Alzheimer’s Association.

The hot dogs are grilled fresh by Village Green Chef Jake Carico.

“Our chef grills the hot dogs fresh, so they are all nice and hot off the grill,” Customer Service Specialist Holly Wedam said. “Jake comes up with a lot of our specialty toppings. He did a Thai slaw one week, which was really good, and the Chicago dog was really popular. Next week is pulled pork on top of the hot dog. I can’t wait for that.”

This is the first year the Greenville Village Green has done this drive-through. One of their sister properties in Englewood has been doing this for a few years and has gained a lot of popularity. This lead the Greenville location to try it. After the first four weeks, they have made around $1500.

“Every week, we get a few more people and a few more people,” Wedam said. “It’s doing well, and it’s fun; we have a good time out here doing this. Everyone pitches in and helps us get everything going.”

This coming Friday (August 4), They are tying the drive-through in with the 127-yard

“We are going to move it to the back drive-through, and we’ll have some things out there that, if you want it, give us a  donation, and you can take it home,” Wedam said. “So we can contribute to the yard sale, and all of that money will go to the Alzheimer’s Association as well.”

August 4 is their last drive-through lunch for the year. Enjoy a fantastic lunch and support a wonderful cause.

“Come on down; we’ve got a smile and a delicious lunch,” Wedam said.