Troy Police Blotter



September 1, 10:51 am. Destiny A. Woods was arrested by J. M. Deal at Crescent Dr and Wayne St. Offense of Possession of Drugs/Marijuana.

September 3, 8:32 pm. Nathaniel E. Stewart Jr. was arrested by C.A. Chalfant at N Market St. and Denby Pl. Offense of Driving while under the influence of Alcohol/Drugs.

September 4, 7:25 pm. Kenneth Baker was arrested by C. A. Chalfant at Experiment Farm Rd. Offense of Possession of Methamphetamine.

September 4, 7:25 pm. Chaska R. Stewart was arrested by C. A. Chalfant at Experiment Farm Rd. Offenses of Possession of Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia.

September 7, 7:08. Laurisha A. Pullings was arrested by L.L. Morton at Staunton Commons Dr. Offenses of Menacing/Believe Will Cause Physical Harm and Disorderly Conduct/Insulting Taunting.

September 7, 7:08 pm. Shariece A. Vanhoose was arrested by L.L. Morton at Staunton Commons Dr, Offense of Menacing/Believe Will Cause Physical Harm.


August 30, 10:24 am. Capt. Z.C. Mumford stopped a vehicle for expired registration at Troy Town Dr. The driver was cited for the violation.

August 31, 7:52 am. K Knoop arrived at Fleet Road /Trade Square West and came in contact with a subject in reference to a traffic stop. As a result, the subject received a traffic citation.

August 31, 1:44 pm. Ptl. T. Iverson stopped a motorcycle on N Monroe St. and W Main St. for expired tags. The driver was issued a citation.

September 1, 12:49 am. Ofc. A. McKown stopped a vehicle on Foss Way for a moving violation. The driver was found to be suspended. The Driver was cited for both violations.

September 1, 8:03 am. Ptl. Schlumpf initiated a traffic stop in regard to an equipment violation. The subject was cited for NO OL and expired registration.

September 1, 10:51 am. Ptl. J. Deal conducted a traffic stop for a vehicle that was speeding. The driver was cited for speed as well as possession of marijuana. The driver was released without incident.

September 2, 12:13 am. Ofc. A. McKown observed a vehicle commit a traffic violation on S Stanfield St. The Vehicle was found to have expired tags and cited for the violation.

September 2, 9:23 am. Ptl. Bragg was patrolling when I made a traffic stop on Peters Road, I wrote a citation for Driving under suspension.

September 6, 4:48 pm. Ptl. K. Duchak initiated a traffic stop. The driver was issued citations for driving under suspension, and brake lights required.

September 7, 10:01 pm. Ptl. K. Duchak initiated a traffic stop. The driver was issued citations for failure to reinstate and unlawful license plate display. The registered owner was warned of wrongful entrustment.


September 1, 2:01 am. Ofc. A. McKown was dispatched to an assault on W Main St. The subject was found to be suffering from a mental illness, and no crime had occurred. The Subject was taken to the hospital for a 72-hour evaluation.


September 3, 2:08 am. Officers located a subject with a warrant at a residence on York Lane. The subject was taken into custody and booked into Miami County Jail.


September 3, 8:32 am. Ptl. Chalfant stopped a vehicle for a traffic offense, male was arrested for OVI.


September 6, 12:28 pm. Ptl. Bragg was contacted by Shelby County Sheriff’s Office to meet a deputy for a prisoner exchange.


September 6, 5:09 pm. Ptl. K. Duchak was dispatched to Red Cedar Dr. in reference to a welfare check. A deceased male was located, and an information report was taken.

September  6, 9:57 pm. Ofc. Koewler was dispatched to W. Main St., La Fiesta Parking lot, for a welfare check. Disorderly Conduct charges were issued.


September 7, 9:45 am. Officers were dispatched to a non-injury accident at N Market St. A report was taken, and the driver was issued a citation.

September 7, 5:53 pm. Ptl. H.W. Bradburn was dispatched to W Main St. for a reported accident with no injuries. An adult male was given a citation for Signal Before Changing Course.