Troy City Schools among the best in state, according to state report cards


The Troy City Schools are one of the top districts in the region and Ohio, based on the Ohio Department of Education’s state report cards, which were released Thursday.

The ODE gave each district 1-5 stars (1 being the lowest, five being the highest) in each of the five categories: Achievement, Gap Closing, Progress, Graduation, and Early Literacy.

The ODE also gave each district an overall score, also based on the 1-5 star system.

Overall, the Troy City Schools earned 4.5 stars.

The district scored five stars in both Progress and Cap Closing, four stars in Achievement and Graduation, and three stars in Early Literacy.

“This is definitely a credit to all of our students,” Troy City Schools Superintendent Chris Piper said. “They are showing up every day ready to learn and grow. We are incredibly proud of the work they’ve put in. We believe our district is an excellent place for students to learn, and these scores reflect that.

“We also are so thankful to have an outstanding staff who are helping our students succeed. This is obviously a sign of how hard our teachers are working with our students. It also shows we have tremendous staff members who help put students in a position to succeed, whether it be by administering our school buildings, transporting our students to and from school, feeding our students, keeping our students healthy or keeping our students warm, safe and dry.”

Troy City Schools scored highest in Progress and Gap Closing, both of which are measures of how the district is doing compared to prior years. According to ODE, “Progress looks closely at the growth all students are making based on their past state test performances. The Progress Component measures the academic performance of students compared to expected growth on Ohio’s State Tests. This calculation uses a ‘value-added’ model of measuring academic growth that compares the change in the achievement of a group of students to an expected amount of change in achievement that is based on the students’ prior achievement history.”

“We are particularly proud of the progress we’ve made,” Piper said. “We are focused on improving student learning, and it’s good to see that hard work paying off.”

Piper said the hard work by students and staff will continue throughout the district.

The mission of the Troy City Schools is to empower students to dream big, work hard, and succeed,” he said. “We are confident we have the staff in place to do just that.”