Tri-Village student helps share ‘You Matter’ message

Cook and Rhoades. Courtesy photo.

NEW MADISON—The Tri-Village Video Editing program isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty.

With some help from their teacher, Christina Cook, the class recently earned some real world experience.

Heather Suerdieck, graduation/leadership coach and owner of Inside Out Coaching met up with the class to collaborate on a video highlighting her ‘You Matter Movement.’

Suerdieck founded the You Matter Movement, in which she passes out bracelets in each school’s colors with “You Matter” on them to students in Darke and Preble Counties.

The bracelets serve as a reminder that everyone has a voice, and that they matter.

The project was spearheaded by sophomore Michael Rhoades.

Cook, Rhoades and his classmates started the project by brainstorming the video with Suerdieck.

“Mikey bounced some of his ideas off of me and I helped him with some of the technical editing,” Cook said. “The creative message and work was completed by the students in the class as well as Mikey. They do a lot of brainstorming and critiquing together, which is critical to the creative process.”

Cook said projects such as these allow students real-life experience.

“When students get involved in projects like this, there is a direct correlation to how they will relate to others in the workforce,” she said. “They learn skills such as meeting deadlines, interacting with professionals, and working for the greater good.”

Rhoades said he likes video editing because it allows for a different way to express emotions.

His favorite part of the project?

“I enjoyed creating something that will be viewed by many people knowing that I can make an impact,” he said. “I was challenged to learn how to make a different style of video. I enjoy creating things for a bigger purpose.”

Lastly, Rhoades added that as a student himself, he believes the ‘You Matter Movement’ is very important.

“This movement speaks to the souls of kids that may not feel like they matter,” he said. “It gives them hope when they may not be happy.”

You Matter bracelets are available for purchase at The Bread of Life in Greenville, Ohio.

In addition to the bracelets, students received a card that reads, “You Matter. Two of the most powerful words on the planet, yet we struggle to say them to ourselves each and every day. Your journey matters. Your voice matters. Your feelings matter. Your thoughts matter. Your future matters. And most of all, you matter.”

For more information on Inside Out coaching, go to or contact Suerdieck at