Tri-Village Archery Team host and wins own tournament

Tri-Village Archery Club Coaches and leaders. Back row: Stuart Brown, John Siegrist, Jeff Enicks, Jerry Osborne, Stephen Derksen Front row: Hunter Ridout, Landen Moore, Wesley Osborne

GREENVILLE – On January 6 the Tri-Village Archery Club hosted their 3rd Annual TV Archery Open Invitational at the Darke County Fairgrounds in the Youth building.  There was a total of eight schools in attendance at this Invitational: Tri-Village (OH), Northeastern (IN), Tri-County North (OH), Union City (IN), Kauffman Academy(OH), Southern Wells(IN), Nativity Catholic School (IN), and Columbus South High School (OH). During the Invitational there were a total of 10 flights which started at 9 am and the last flight was at 6pm. Each flight allowed 28 students to shoot during that allotted time frame.  The invitational allowed for 280 spots to be filled and we had a total of 243 shoot during the day.

Wesley Osborne finished 2nd in the High School Boys Division.  He shot a 281 but was clipped by 1 point from fellow teammate and champion Jackson Farmer who shot a 282.

During an archery meet the students will participate as an individual and as a team. To have a team score you must have at least 12 students with at least 4 students of the opposite gender and a maximum of 24 students per team.  Only the top 12 students score counts towards the team score.  So, an example would be 12 students in which 4 students are boys and 8 students are girls or vice versa.  Some of the schools in attendance did not compete as teams their students competed on the individual level.  If one or more students has the same score the results are then determined by how many tens each student got and so forth.  A perfect score for a student would be all tens and a score of 300.  A perfect team score would then be a 3600.

The results of the invitational are broken down into Elementary (4-5 grade), Middle (6-8 grade), and High School (9-12 grades) age groups and then individually into boys and girls.  The final results of the tournament were as follows:

Elementary Team Results

1st place Tri-County North – team score 2198

2nd place Tri-Village – team score 2197

Individual Results – Top 5 

Girls – 30 girls                                                             Boys – 29 boys

1st Lizabeth Meade – Tri Village – 239                       1st Troy Woods – Tri-County North – 246

2nd Anna Dexter – Nativity Catholic – 236                  2nd Jase Brown – Tri-County North – 228

3rd Jayla White – Nativity Catholic – 236                    3rd Lincoln Richey – Nativity Catholic – 226

4th Clara Bograt – Nativity Catholic – 235                  4th Ethan Swartz – Southern Wells – 218

5th Kate McClellan – Nativity Catholic – 230              5th Owen Boxell – Southern Wells – 213

Middle School Team Results

1st Tri-Village – team score 3015

2nd Southern Wells – team score 2871

3rd Northeastern (1) – team score 2836

4th Nativity Catholic – team score 2791

5th Northeastern (2) – team score 2351

6th Tri-County North  – team score 2261

Lillian Case won the Middle School Girls Division and also shot a perfect round on the day.

Individual Results – Top 5 

Girls – 52                                                                    Boys – 58

1st Lillian Case – Tri-Village – 270                              1st Dallas Grow – Tri-Village – 273

2nd Regan Haynes – Northeastern – 268                   2nd Gabe Burke – Tri-Village – 267

3rd Alexis Kabat- Nativity Catholic – 264                   3rd Ian Gomez – Nativity Catholic – 260

4th Faithlyn Musselman – Northeastern – 260            4th Wyatt Blanton – Tri-Village – 256

5th Isabelle Miller – Tri-Village – 255                          5th Jacob Hahn – Southern Wells – 253


High School Team Results

1st place Tri-Village – team score 3232

2nd place Northeastern – team score 3139

Tri-Village High School Archery team took 1st place in their tournament.

Individual Results – Top 5 

Girls – 43                                                                    Boys – 31

1st Alex Begoon – Tri Village – 282                            1st Jackson Farmer – Tri-Village – 282

2nd Rayna Kauffman – Kauffman Academy – 281     2nd Wesley Osborne – Tri-Village – 281

3rd Hayden Upton – Northeastern – 271                     3rd Stephen Derksen – Tri-Village 278

4th Leeann Wadsworth – Northeastern – 267             4th Noah Willet – Northeastern – 272

5th Lana Moore – Tri-Village – 266                             5th Joseph Bennet – Northeastern- 268

Lana Moore took 5th place in the girls division but also shot two perfect rounds for the day.

Without our many sponsors we would not be able to hold this tournament or have the teams we have.  A special thank you to our tournament sponsors this year: New Madison Kiwanis, Ironhorse, and First-Rate Industry.  We would like to thank all the local businesses and organizations that donated to our club this year and help make it possible for our teams to compete at different tournaments and host a few ourselves. We have different levels of sponsorship donations we recognize depending on the amount donated. If you would like more information on how to donate to our Club please contact us at

Participants check the targets and tally up the scores after shooting a round.