Trash Bash t-shirt design contest winners announced


DARKE COUNTY –  The Darke County Solid Waste District has announced the winners of their Trash Bash t-shirt design contest. In third Place was Natalie Brewer from Franklin Monroe Schools, second Place was Isabella Gulley from Greenville Schools, and first Place was Katelyn Bernholt from Versailles Schools. 

“We really appreciate everyone’s creativity going into this,” Commissioner Marshall Combs said. “It’s a fun event, and also, it’s just a great event for the county to clean up ditches. We end up collecting a lot of trash and recyclables, so it’s a really big help to the community and the health department.” 

Left to Right: Katelyn Bernholt, Isabella Gulley, and Natalie Brewer

Natalie Brewer came in third Place in the contest. Her design included a recycling can, plants, and water bottles. 

“I just thought about recycling the water bottle and added the plants and the trash can,” Brewer said. 

Isabella Gulley came in second Place in the contest. Her design included a possum with a water bottle in its mouth. 

“During the years of doing trash bash, there’s always a lot of animals on the t-shirt, and I love animals, so I was thinking of what animal to do,” Gulley said. “We’d done raccoons before, so I tried to think of other Rodents you usually see while picking up trash, so I thought a possum would look cute.” 

Katelyn Bernholt came in first Place in the contest. Her design included a raccoon racing on a trash can with the phrase “Throw away Trash in a Flash.” 

“I kind of just came up with the slogan and then drew a Raccoon and a car to fit it,” Bernholt said. 

One-Shot Scrap and Recycling sponsored the prizes for the winners. Third Place received $50. Second Place received $100. First Place received $150. 

Along with the cash prize. Katelyn Bernholt’s winning design will be put on this year’s trash bash t-shirts. 

Congratulations, Katelyn, Natalie, and Isabella!