3 Arcanum eighth graders save a life


ARCANUM – January 19 was a snow day for Arcanum-Butler schools. What should have been a day of school and basketball practice for three eighth graders turned into shoveling driveways and saving a life. 

Cooper Tegtmeyer, Kale Kramer, and Leland Neumaier decided to shovel driveways to earn a little extra money. 

Later in their evening of shoveling, the three went to the home of Butch Stringer. The door was open, and they heard the TV on, but no one answered when they knocked. That’s when Leland took a look inside. 

“As soon as I look through, this man is on the ground, and he’s waving for help,” Leland said. “I saw the green line leading up to his nose; he was on oxygen. I rushed in there really quick, and I said sir, are you okay and he says I’ve been on the ground for three days. Please help me; I need to get up.”

They asked why he hadn’t called 911, and Stringer said his phone had died. The three tried to help him up but couldn’t. They got him water, called 911, and waited with him until help arrived. 

“My phone was completely dead, I had no food to eat, no water drink, I couldn’t relieve myself, Thank God these guys came along,” Butch Stringer said. “You guys are blessed; I want you to know that.”

On February 13, Stringer had just returned home from receiving medical care for the incident and was reunited with Cooper, Kale, and Leland. The boys, their parents, and Arcanum Middle School Principal Jason Vince visited Stringer to see how he was doing. 

They were happy to see he is doing better and will continue to get better. 

“I’m home, and I’m on the mend,” Stringer said. I can get up with the walker, and I can walk now. I’ve got a life alert now and won’t be caught without it. If that phone goes down, I don’t care. All I gotta do is push this button.” 

“I’m real proud of these three young men,” Principal Vince said. “I’m not surprised that they had the courage and the servitude and the want to help because that’s the way they are every day. We couldn’t have three better representations of Acranum Trojans than these three guys.”  

Thankfully, no one will have to know what would have happened if Cooper, Kale, and Leland hadn’t decided to shovel snow that day. 

Everyone is truly grateful. 

“You’re a good bunch of guys,” Stringer said. “You guys can shovel my walk any day.”