Substitute Teacher Accidentally Triggers Active Shooter Alarm


Students were sent home from Troy High School this morning as a substitute teacher accidentally triggered the active shooter alarm twice.

Here is the statement from Troy Schools:

“At approximately 7:30 a.m. Friday at Troy High School, as students were arriving and entering classrooms, a substitute teacher accidentally triggered the building’s emergency alert system.

All of our staff and students did exactly as they should have, either by fleeing the building or sheltering in place.

Our THS School Resource Officer Zach Hook, a member of the City of Troy Police Department, immediately ran to the room from which the alarm was coming, and after determining it was a false alarm, alerted the local law enforcement officials it was a false alarm, and no additional police presence was necessary.

Understandably, some students were upset and were allowed to go home, with it being an excused absence.

At roughly 9 a.m., the same substitute teacher accidentally triggered the alarm a second time. Once again, students and staff handled the situation exactly as they should have and exactly as they have been trained to do.

After it was again determined it was a false alarm, the decision was made to cancel classes at Troy High School for the day.

“This was a series of incredibly unfortunate and upsetting events,” Troy City Schools Superintendent Chris Piper said. “We would first and foremost like to apologize to all of our families who have been affected by this. We are also incredibly proud of our students, staff, and Officer Hook for doing exactly what they are supposed to do. We cannot emphasize that enough. Our students and staff handled this exactly like they should have. We feel it is important to have an emergency plan in place, but will be working with the Troy Police Department and our staff members to evaluate that process moving forward.”