Ruble’s Painting Service continues growth

Denny Ruble hands Ruble's Painting Service over to his nephew Ben Stull. 

Denny Ruble (R) hands Ruble’s Painting Service over to his nephew, Ben Stull (L). (GraceLynn Harter photo)

GREENVILLE – After many years of service to the community and surrounding communities Owner of Ruble’s Painting Service, Denny Ruble will be handing it over to Ben Stull, his nephew. 

Ruble’s Painting Service started in 1986 as a ‘one man show’. Soon after they began their growth with more employees. They had nearly 10 employees at one time and began to thrive even more as they took on jobs in the commercial world. They don’t do as many small projects now, due to the commercial work they’ve started. 

“We started getting into commercial work,” said Ruble. “We’ve gotten really big into Catholic Churches. We have about 10 churches up north and now we’re down in the Dayton area. We’re working down at UD and have really grown in that aspect.” 

Churches allow them to showcase their talent with the fine work that goes into the inside of the buildings. They work a lot on stenciling and using many different colors. 

“It shows our capabilities and skills,” said Ruble. 

Ruble’s Painting Service. (GraceLynn Harter photo)

Stull has been a part of Ruble’s Painting Service for about 20 years and has been working closely with his Uncle ever since, perfecting his craft. 

“I started painting for my Uncle Denny when I was 15, riding my bike back and forth to work,” said Stull. “I’ve really painted ever since.” 

Stull spent some time away from the business while working for another painting service. He was able to grow and gain new skills before returning back to the family business. 

“Hopefully we can grow the business,” said Stull. “Keeping it as good as what he did. He’s done well, and I hope I can do the same thing.” 

Stull expressed that he would like to continue commercial work in the churches and stay active as a business as his Uncle did. He hopes to do well and make his Uncle proud as he takes on the business and keeps it going. 

“We’re a small company who does big jobs,” said Stull. 

Ruble shared that Stull has been part of the administration with the company for the past few years. Stull has been able to learn about several different components in the business including how to bid on different projects. 

“It’s time for him to take it and grow it,” said Ruble. “He’s going to do very well because he is a very talented man.”

Ruble shared that he started in a small one car garage and the business has grown to what it is now by the help of the community. 

“Greenville has been good to us,” said Ruble. “Ben has been kind of like me, I’ve been active in the community and he will too.” 

Stull resides in Greenville with his wife Megan and two boys Benson and Harrision. Stull has a passion for not only painting but continuing the quality of this family business in hopes of leaving it someday with his boys. 

Ben Stull (center) and his sons, Benson and Harrision. (GraceLynn Harter photo)

Ben concluded that his Uncle Denny has been a great mentor throughout the years. 

“It’s an exciting time and we can’t thank the Greenville community enough for their support and trusting us with their painting projects,” explained Stull. 

Ruble’s Painting Service specializes in churches, commercial, industrial, and residential and can be reached at (937) 621- 0936.