Richmond Indiana Fire Status Update from health dept.


RICHMOND—According to fire officials, the fire at the My Way Trading Warehouse, at 358 NW F St., in Richmond, IN is not expected to spread beyond the property of origin, although it is expected to continue to burn and produce smoke, soot and ash for several days.

At the 4/13/23 2:30 pm press conference Fire officials report the fire as 90% extinguished and the Fire Chief believes the fire could be out tonight or tomorrow morning.

The Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA) and Preble County Public Health are monitoring the status of the Richmond, Indiana industrial fire. At this time RAPCA’s air monitors have not detected any unusually elevated levels of particulate matter or carbon monoxide.

Public Health is in contact with the Ohio EPA who is working with the US EPA to conduct further air monitoring near the site of the fire. The EPA will post results of the testing when available.

If you are near the site of the fire, including in Preble or Darke County, the US EPA is recommending that individuals should not handle any debris that has fallen from the sky until it can be determined what it consists of.

Once they determine what was burned, additional information will be shared how to dispose of the debris.

Currently in Ohio there are no evacuation or shelter in place orders. However, if you are in an area affected by smoke and have chronic breathing conditions such as asthma or emphysema, you should consider staying inside to minimize exposure to outdoor air. Anyone with acute breathing issues should consult with their doctor or seek help from an emergency room.

Current status of the incident may be found here

 Smoke haze can be seen in Preble, Darke, Butler, and Montgomery Counties
 The US EPA has been taking air sampling test in Ohio, (New Paris area) with no toxic compounds noted at ground level. USEPA official report roving air monitoring samples continue as well as several fixed air monitoring sites have been established in both Preble and Darke Counties, an air sample commonly referred to as a grab sample (think of a snapshot of a moment in time) was taken on the fireground on the night of 4/11 and that sample was positive for volatile organic compounds- that sample is not a representative of what citizens may have been exposed to, since it was taken at the fire site. A representative sample that was taken at Reid Hospital is one that is taken over twenty four (24) hours and those results are due back tomorrow 4/14/23 they will be more revealing to what residents may have been exposed to.
 The Regional Air Pollution Control Agency, Office of Environmental Health has fixed site air quality monitors in Preble County, Dayton & Springfield in Ohio and has normal findings in air quality.
 City of Richmond Indiana has established a Community Help Line at :765-973-9300 and a website
 Residents that have debris from this fire in their yard are asked to leave it alone, not pick it up or mow over it. US EPA has taken samples of the ash and is awaiting those lab reports to determine the best means of disposal. In the debris samples that were tested one was positive for asbestos containing material and one was not, residents are reminded if you have debris from the fire in your yard that you leave it alone, not mow over it to further disperse the contaminates, Wayne County Public Health reported that if you have soot stained outdoor items such as hand rails or tables they can be cleaned with a simple detergent and wet cloth.
 Updates to Air Sampling and Debris testing are being pushed out to the website that has been established for this incident.