Richland Gardens: What Should I Plant?


Have you ever seen the beauty of the English or French flower gardens? Or their wonderful window boxes filled to overflowing with beautiful plants? It could be that you are like me, and the pictures are all that you have seen, but oh, the beauty of the many different blossoms and each one with their unique foliage and temperament. Some like shade while some like sun, and yet others will take either, or they can thrive in locations with both.

Does this sound a little like us as humans? Each of us may have certain things we like or dislike and can thrive in conditions that others would not do well in. I believe that we each have a place in the plan that God has designed. And much like the beautiful flowers, our lives can testify to the love of Jesus for us in whatever place we find ourselves in.

Have you ever considered the fact that the flowers produced naturally on a plant are due to the plant being stressed? If a plant is given only the nutrients it really likes, it possibly would never bloom, but when they encounter stress, they feel the need to reproduce, and to do so, they bless us with some of the most beautiful artwork of nature designed by God Himself. Does this sound a little like us? We do not enjoy going through stressful times, but through these times of testing, we know that God can make something beautiful out of our lives if we will let Him. The flowers in those beautiful flower gardens and window boxes were arranged by someone, and each one is a unique work of art. But there are a couple of things that we do not see, and that is; the work and thought that was put into each one and the care with which each one is nurtured, and thus they may testify of that
care with much beauty.

We are living in a time where some people want a low-maintenance or no
maintenance flower, but the most beauty even from these plants comes from
those that are cared for, and those that are cared for may possibly endure the best.

Many Customers come into the greenhouse to look around and decide what to plant; while this is good, some folks feel overwhelmed when they see the variety of plants available. Some of the best advice I can give you is do not be afraid to ask questions. If you shop here at Richland Gardens or you patronize Millers Flowers, Lisa’s Perennials, Stillwell Gardens, Browns Nursery, or some other establishment, we all have some advice that we can share with you.

The following is some of the most helpful things that you can supply us with when seeking advice;

1. Is the location in the sun or shade, or does it only get morning or afternoon sun

2. Pictures are wonderful things, and with the technology of today, it is easy to show us pictures of your desired planting location or container and the
location where it will be placed. This would greatly improve our ability to
advise you on what plants would do well for you.

You may not consider yourself a “Green Thumb” but your chances of success may be greatly improved if you are not afraid to ask questions; even the most experienced person may have a few questions. Even if our knowledge is limited, we will try our best to help advise you. And if we do not have that special plant you want, we may possibly be able to tell you where to look for it.

Here’s to keeping your plants growing and blooming beautifully all summer long!

And as you enjoy the beautiful blooms, remember to praise the Creator that
makes all things beautiful in His time.

May God bless each of you.

Richland Gardens was started by Hollis and Charlotte Flora in the early 1960s. And is currently owned and operated by their son Edward Flora and his wife Karen. The greenhouse is located at 6914 US Route 36,
Greenville, Ohio. Call 937-548-1577 for more information, you may also check out their Website at or go to their Facebook Page.