Richland Gardens discusses benefits of flowerbeds


GREENVILLE—Have you ever witnessed a miracle? You are surrounded by millions of miracles on a daily basis. Just consider the flowers that you see every spring, there are millions of flowers that sprout every spring, you can take a stroll through a wooded park and enjoy the many beautiful wildflowers that grow there.

But it is amazing to consider that most plants start as seeds, some of those seeds are as small as dust, you can place 1,000 seeds of begonia plants in your hand and wonder if there are really that many in your hand, these seeds look like dust and if you sneezed or accidently dropped them you would never be able to find them again. Then you can put a few sunflower seeds in your hand and you can pick them up one at a time and place them where you would like for them to grow.

With the right conditions the life that is in a seed, no matter how small or large, will respond and grow into a plant, then the plant will bloom. Have you ever wondered just how this all happens? I believe that God created life and all of nature is a witness to His power, without seeds and the life they contain humans could not survive. So the next time you see a beautiful flower, stop and consider the miracle it took to place it on that plant, could you do that?

The are many benefits of planting flowers. Just the simple act of planting, tending, and growing beautiful plants has been shown to have many benefits for the person willing to put forth the effort. With just a few seeds or Plants and some soil can obtain an education that may never end, it will help increase your social contacts, and it is always good for the environment.

Helping others in the garden is a great way to build relationships and create many fond memories. From the benefits of flowers in the environment to the benefits of learning to grow and being able to share with others the knowledge you gain, flower gardening is very rewarding.

Always consider the potential size any plant will grow to as you make your purchases, some plants grow best in the sun while others would rather have some shade, do not overcrowd the plants in any container as the more dominate plants will cause the weaker plants perform poorly or die. Always use a good quality soil and remember that not enough water on hot sunny days will make your plants dry up and die.

Flowerbeds Are Also Wonderful Options
I like to see plants that are growing in the ground, a flowerbed adds curb appeal to any home, and who would not like seeing their home beautified with flowers and plants?

The plants in a flowerbed will take less care and will be less likely to die because you forgot to water them. You may not need someone else to water your plants while you go on vacation, as the plants in the flowerbed may be able to find water and food, while the potted plants may dry up and die.

The soil in a flowerbed can be amended with several things that would loosen the soil, makeing it easier to work with, and that would help give your plants the nutrition they need. One of the best methos of doing this would be to add some compost to your soil and work it in, plants love compost as it can help the soil retain the moisture they need, and the microbes found in the compost are a great source of plant nutrients, earthworms love compost and they will also help your flowers grow.

Weeds do not need to be a problem, there are ways to keep them under control without a lot of hard work or harmful chemicals, this can be accomplished by using a few layers of old newspapers, you could also use cardboard or landscape fabric , all of these items can be covered with a layer of mulch. Paper and cardboard are environmentally friendly, they will naturally decompose into the soil and will need to be replaced the next year. Aged mulch is a good choice, but beware of using fresh wood chips or sawdust as they can rob the nutrients from the soil that your plants need to grow.

If you need advice on what to plant in certain locations, we are willing to share some ideas with you, but be aware that our knowledge is limited to only what we have learned and heard, we are always happy to have you share your plant growing successes and failures with us as it increases our limited knowledge and allows us to share this gained knowledge with others. All advice is given at no charge, with no warranty as to the effectiveness of such advice because growing plants is something very few know everything about, About the time we think we have something completely figured out we learn something new. However you decide to plant your beautiful plants, whether in containers or in the ground, always remember to find enjoyment in the life that enables them to be natural displays of beauty, created to remind us of the miracles that daily surround us and bless each of our lives. You can try to do something great or noble if you want, but no human has ever created a seed that grew into a beautiful plant that developed an intricate flower and produced fruit that was able to help feed the world, I believe that only God has the power to give and sustain life.

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