Reorganization of the Commissioners for 2024


GREENVILLE – The Darke County Board of Commissioners met on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the board’s reorganization and setting things up for 2024. 

Commissioners Matt Aultman, Marshall Combs, and Larry Holmes were present.

The meeting started with the reorganization of the board. Commissioner Larry Holmes nominated Matt Aultman for Chairman and Marshall Combs as Vice Chairman. These nominations were seconded and approved. 

The board then appointed staff members for the board. Robin Blinn was reappointed as Administrative Clerk/Secretary, and Karen Avore was reappointed as Assistant Clerk/Secretary. 

The board also approved the County Mileage Rate. Previously, the rate had been $0.50 per mile. Commissioner Holmes moved to up the rate to $0.55 per mile. 

The board then approved an authorization to proceed by Force Account. This allows the County Engineer to employ labor and proceed in the maintenance, repair, and construction of roads, bridges, and culverts in 2024 in the amount of $233,000, with a 5% increase in July of 2024. 

The board then approved the 2024 Board Representations. All Commissioners are Board Members of Darke County CIC, Community Corrections, Airport Advisory, MRTC Advisory and Executive Board, Upper Ludlow Group Project, Courthouse Security, Emergency Communications Committee, and DC Planning Commission. The Chairman (Commissioner Aultman) is a part of the Board of Revisions, County Records Commission, Tax Incentive Review Board, and 911 Advisory Board. 

Each commissioner also has their own representations. Matt Aultman is a part of the Microfilm Board, 4-H Advisory Committee, Darke County CIC Executive, Airport Advisory Chairman, Homeland Security/EMA and LEPC Board, Record Retention Board, Communications Advisory Committee Chair, and OneOhio Region 15 (Opioid). Larry Holmes is a part of the Family and Children First Council (FCFC), Miami Valley Regional Planning Commissioner, and Executive Committee. Marshall Combs is a part of the Darke County Visitor’s Bureau Board, Solid Waste Advisory Board, Darke Count Extension Advisory County and Extension Advisory Committee, and Main Street Greenville. 

The board then approved Resolution (R-1-2024). This resolution is for funding the Public Defender Commissioner for Darke County for 2024 and signing an agreement between Darke County and the Indigent Legal Assistance Fund of West Central Ohio (ILAF). Darke County will appropriate and pay to and/or through the Commission a total of $535,158.96. $442,158.96 will go to ILAF for services provided under this contract, $48,000 will go to Dark County Common Pleas to compensate attorneys other than ILAF members, and $10,000 will go to the Dark County Municipal Court to compensate attorneys other than ILAF members. 

The board also approved a left of support for a Regional Fire Training Facility. The letter will be sent to Matt Huffman, Steve Huffman, Angela King, and Jena Powell to support a Regional Training Facility coordinated by the Darke County Association of Fire Chiefs, including Darke, Mercer, Shelby, and Preble Counties fire departments. 

“This is a training facility for our fire personnel within the county,” Commissioner Aultman said. “They are asking for capital dollars for that project, so that’s the letter being presented today.” 

The Darke County Board of Commissioners holds a regular session every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 pm at 520 South Broadway, Greenville, Ohio 45331. For more information, contact the commissioners’ office at 937-547-7370.