Rehmert throws first pitch to VMI’s Psczulkoski

It was a big honor to throw out the first pitch ... Chris Rehmert

Retired US Army Veteran Chris Rehmert throws out first pitch Greenville American Legion Post 140 vs Muncie Post 19. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

GREENVILLE—Chris Rehmert, a 1966 Greenville graduate and retired US Army Veteran, threw out the opening pitch at the Greenville American Legion Post 140 baseball game against the visiting Muncie Post 19 squad on Military/Veterans night at Sater Heights Park.

“It was a big honor to throw out the first pitch,” said Rehmert. “I had a good time meeting everyone.”

Rehmert, served 33 years with a career highlighted by a year in Iraq, a tour in the Gulf War, three years at the Pentagon, and one year at the White House under President Bush 45.

The retired first sergeant has served as a Darke County Veterans Services Commissioner since January 2017.

Aiden Psczulkoski, a 2023 Arcanum alum who just completed his first year at Virginia Military Institute (VMI), was Rehmert’s batterymate behind the plate.

Retired First Sergeant and current Darke Country Veterans Services Commissioner Chris Rehmert (L) and VMI’s Aiden Psczulkoski (R). (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“It was incredible, it was great,” Psczulkoski said of Rehmert’s pitch. “He threw it, landed a little short but was a strike, and ended up in the zone; it was pretty high velocity, too.”

“Great kid, just a great kid,” Rehmert said. “Aiden is a very personable young man.”

The three-man umpiring crew for the Wednesday night American Legion baseball game each served in the US military, two served in the Army and one served in the Navy.

Greenville US Army Veteran Chris Rehmert (R) and US military veterans umpiring crew at American Legion Post 140 baseball game honoring military and veterans. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Psczulkoski will return to VMI for his second year of classes and training on a path to a US Air Force career as an officer.

“He’ll do great; he’ll be a good officer,” Rehmert stated. “He’s a nice young man, and it was an honor to meet him.”

“It was an honor getting to catch for him,” Psczulkoski concluded. “You could tell he is a really, really good guy and has done many incredible things. I’m glad I can serve our country like he and many people I look up to.”