Randolph Eastern School Corporation Chosen as Semifinalist for $1 Million Yass Prize


UNION CITY, Ind. – We are thrilled to announce that Randolph Eastern School Corporation (RESC) has been selected as one of the distinguished Semifinalists for the prestigious $1 million Yass Prize, celebrating educational innovation and excellence. This recognition comes in the wake of the inaugural Yass Summit, where educational pioneers from across the nation were acknowledged for their exceptional commitment to transformative education.

The Yass Prize is widely recognized as the “Pulitzer of Education Innovation” and carries with it immense prestige within the education community. The Semifinalist status is a testament to RESC’s dedication and success in redefining and enhancing education in our community.

The newly unveiled Yass Center for Education, a pioneering organization poised to shape the future of education in the United States, will be bringing the forces of the Yass Prize and the Center for Education Reform (CER) together. This collaboration will create a national force that is committed to identifying, supporting, expanding and accelerating innovative educational initiatives.

Superintendent Aaron Black of Randolph Eastern School Corporation expressed his enthusiasm about this achievement: “Being named a Semifinalist for the Yass Prize is a reflection of our commitment to providing our students with the best possible education. Our amazing Staffulty has bought in and are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional education, and this recognition validates their innovative approach.”

As a Semifinalist for the Yass Prize, Randolph Eastern School Corporation joins a select group of educational innovators serving as guiding lights for the renewed mission of the Yass Center. These educators, community leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs have collectively impacted thousands of students across the country.

The journey for the $1 million Yass Prize has just begun for Randolph Eastern School Corporation. As a Semifinalist, they will receive $200,000 in recognition of their dedication to educational excellence and innovation. In the upcoming months, they will have the opportunity to participate in a fast-paced Accelerator program, granting them access to industry experts in journalism, finance, politics and beyond for invaluable conversations and shared expertise.

The winners of the $1 million Yass Prize, as well as the finalists who will each receive $500,000, will be revealed on December 13 in New York City. Randolph Eastern School Corporation is proud to represent our community and exemplify the innovative spirit that is shaping the future of education.

For more information about Randolph Eastern and our journey as a semifinalist for the 2023 Yass Prize, please visit http://YassPrize.org or www.resc.k12.in.us.