R. Kelly Ormsby for Jim Bennett


Paid for by the Committee to Elect Bennett 

Dear Editor:

I write today to urge your readers to support the most qualified

candidate for prosecuting attorney, Jim Bennett. I have had the honor of being the Darke County Prosecuting Attorney since late 2009. I was fortunate when I was reelected in 2016 to be able to add Jim to my staff as an assistant prosecutor. I knew he had been the primary assistant prosecutor handling felony prosecutions in Miami County for years, and he had moved on from there to work for the Ohio Attorney General. While working there he had been an instructor at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, so many of our younger officers became familiar with his expertise in criminal law there. He has done more training of our Darke County officers since coming here, and his obvious professionalism has built rapport with both our Sheriff’s Office and our police departments.

He is an extremely experienced and successful prosecutor with more than 145 felony trials under his belt, vastly more than his relatively inexperienced opponent. As I near retirement at the end of this year, please join me, Sheriff Mark Whittaker, and former Sheriff Toby Spencer in supporting the right man to protect the citizens of Darke County as our next prosecuting attorney. Vote for Jim Bennett!

R. Kelly Ormsby, III

Darke County Prosecuting Attorney

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