Piqua Blotter December 1 – December 5



December 1, 6:21 pm. T J Kelch arrested Ronald L Tripp at Chevy Ln on the offenses of Obstructing Official Business and Disorderly Conduct- Fighting or Threatening. 

December 1, 11:24 pm.T J Kelch arrested Aaron J Simpson at Harrison St. on the offense of Burglary. 

December 3, 1:19 am. C D Monnin arrested Christopher L Richardson at S Wayne St. on the offense of Disorderly Conduct – Intoxicated Create of harm. 

December 3, 3:20 pm. K R Ingle arrested Cody M Crumpler at S Main St on the offense of Criminal Damaging. 

December 3, 9:16 pm. C D Monnin arrested Daniel R Fitzpatrick at E Ash St, Walmart, on the offense of Theft. 

December 4, 12:10 pm. J M May arrested John R Camden at E Ash St on the offense of Criminal Trespass. 

December 5, 8:27 pm. D A Alexander arrested David C West at Broadway Dr on two offenses of Assault on a Peace Officer: Fire Fighter or Emergency Medical and Resisting Arrest/Causing Physical Harm to a Law Enforcement Officer. 


December 1, 12:39 pm. A report of a traffic crash between two vehicles was reported. The at-fault driver was cited accordingly. 


December 1, 4:22 pm. A vehicle lost control and struck a tree off of the roadway. EMS transported two occupants in the vehicle. 


December 1, 10:54 pm. Officers were dispatched to Covington Ave for a disturbance complaint. Dispatch advised a group of males fighting at the address. Subjects gave conflicting stories and refused to cooperate. 


December 2, 8:22 pm. An officer stopped a vehicle for a lighted lights violation. The driver advised she was having electrical issues. She was able to activate her hazards. The officer told her to drive it home and not drive at night until the vehicle was repaired. 

December 3, 3:27 am. A driver was stopped and warned for running a stop sign. The vehicle plates were fictitious. The Driver stated she has not registered her new vehicle yet. The officer advised the driver she needed to register the vehicle. 

December 4, 2:35 pm. The subject was traveling in excess of posted speeds in a school zone. The driver was stopped and issued a citation. 


December 3, 3:05 am. Officers were driving through the area and spotted am unattended vehicle with the trunk open. Officers could not make contact with the owner and shut the trunk, securing the vehicle—possible oversight. 


December 4, 6:06 am. The subject allowed someone to stay in his garage overnight, and he believes this person stole a TV. Suspect information provided. 


December 4, 12:10 pm. A Business advised a male who had previously been trespassed had returned to the business. The male was located and charged with criminal trespass.