No Varsity continues to grow with ‘No Varsity Live 2.0’ success

JV Jumpin', or Dez Thompson, performs at No Varsity 2.0 (Jarie Baker/Cloak Studio)

GREENVILLE—If there’s one thing Co-Owner of No Varsity LLC, Dez Thompson, thinks people should know about the local art collective, its that their main objective is to give back to the community.

That goal was accomplished on Saturday with the success of No Varsity Live 2.0.

Although the live event was held at Paws Bingo Hall, like the first event, this time there was double the amount of artists, as well as collaborations with local artists and food served by Double M Diner and Walker Construction.

“We felt like we had an extremely successful event and after reflecting,” Co-Owner and Co-Founder Noah Walker said. “We are so glad to have given an opportunity for so many local brands and artists to showcase their talents and offerings.”

The holiday-themed event featured the following locally-based artists: Smokey Smooth, of Greenville; JV Jumpin’, of Greenville; FN Young B, of Dayton; YN-Sector, of Mastic, New York; Yayro, of Dayton; R3VERSE, of Dayton; Pokemonron, of Columbus; Jeri, of Troy; Hotbox Smook, of Dayton; DaiThaTwin & Bookz, of Dayton; NSU BO, of Dayton; Luther Suede, of Dayton; Ooze2Nasty, of Dayton and Pearrl Baby, of Dayton.

Pokemonron, 22, connected with the group via a mutual friend, and since then has become friends with them outside of work.

No Varsity Co-Owner/Founder Noah Walker, Anthony Shoop of BAMN Legacy, No Varsity Co-Owner/Founder Simeon King, No Varsity Co-Owner/Founder Dez Thompson (JV Jumpin’) at No Varsity Live 2.0.

“I love No Varsity in general,” Pokemonron said. “They are friends outside of music. Anytime that they have an event or anything like that, it’s always great to come back and be a part of it.”

Walker added that following their second live event, they’re excited to continue as an outlet for artists to connect with one another, promote a healthy collaborative culture, and showcase their own individual talents and specialities.

Jeri, 26, who like Pokemonron also performed at No Varsity Live 1.0 in August, said he’d been looking forward to the performance.

“I’ve been hype this whole time,” he said. “I think this show will be bigger, and there will be more attention to it, especially with the amount of people that are coming as vendors. I think it’s gonna be another success.”

In addition to performing artists, local brands were involved as well, with some of them setting up booths at the event. Sadie Grace & BHI, WKND Love Boutique, Proper Gnar, Hibbett Sports, No Varsity LLC, BAMN Legacy & PRFCT, Cloak Studio, One Love Skate Shop and Bezerk all contributed to No Varsity Live 2.0.

No Varsity LLC was founded in February 2022 by Walker, Thompson and Simeon King.

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