My County Link, GNB hand out awards at Special Olympics

Gaylen Blosser photo

GREENVILLE— Several community members and businesses got involved last week at the Darke County Special Olympics.

Gaylen Blosser, publisher at, handed out awards to athletes at the start of the eventful morning.

“This is a really great annual event,” Blosser said. “It’s fun to see the school, community and businesses come together for the kids.”

In addition handing out awards, Blosser attended the event from start to finish and took photos of athletes in action.

After Blosser left, Marketing Specialist Ashlynn Beisner and Auditor Jody Lockhart at Greenville National Bank took over.

Beisner said it was wonderful to see the community come together to support the athletes.

“It takes a great amount of volunteers and coordination to make the event a success and that was accomplished despite the last minute change of date due to the rain,” she said.

She added that Greenville National Bank is thankful for the opportunity to play a part in allowing students the freedom to participate in activities they may not normally do on their own, on a day dedicated to them and their abilities.

Gaylen Blosser photo

The Olympians are given a sense of satisfaction and pride that can be seen through the joy on their faces as they compete in the events they’ve chosen and are awarded their ribbons, she continued.

“Supporting the Special Olympics is important to us as it allows the program to continue offering the students with an event in which they can feel valued and honored, and allows the community with the chance to rally beside and encourage them in their efforts,” Beisner said.