Murder in the Stacks returns for 5th year


GREENVILLE – What began five years ago as a trial program has become a library fall-time tradition. And it’s that time of year again!

Murder in the Stacks will celebrate its fifth anniversary with an event containing extra twists and more fun than you can shake Miss Scarlet’s Zombie Whacker at! With a new character, new weapons, and a new murder victim, this year is sure to be a hit!

On Friday, October 20, beginning at 6 p.m., investigators can come solve a live-action whodunnit murder mystery set at Greenville Public Library! This Clue-themed extravaganza is open to all ages, though some younger ones may need the assistance of an adult.

For those not familiar with the event, much like the Clue board game, investigators will be tasked with searching the library for clues to help them determine who murdered the new Assistant Director. Clues can be found in special Murder in the Stacks envelopes throughout the building. But in our version, murder weapons are actual objects to be found, and you will need to interview each suspect to close the case. At the end of the investigation, an accusation can be made at the Circulation Desk. In honor of our fifth anniversary, the first five individuals or teams to correctly solve the crime will receive Murder in the Stacks prize packages.

Light refreshments will be provided during the event. Investigators can plan on spending anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour completing the game. There is no time limit; however, the event ends at 8 p.m. with the murderer’s arrest.

Registration is recommended but not required for this event. To register, contact the library at (937) 548-3915 to let us know you plan to attend and how many will be in your group.