Meade becomes first person with a developmental disability appointed to serve on Board of Directors for Darke DD


DARKE COUNTY – Jimmy Meade made history this month by becoming the first person who is eligible for board services to be appointed to the Board of Directors for Darke DD. Judge Jason Aslinger appointed Meade on May 6, to fill a current vacancy on the Board. The Board of Directors is comprised of seven (7) community members who serve in a volunteer capacity to provide oversight and direction to agency leaders.

According to the Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, there are 32 people with developmental disabilities who are currently serving on county boards in the state of Ohio.

“We are excited to have Jimmy on the Board. He is not afraid to speak up and is comfortable communicating with others,” said Tonya Clark, Superintendent/CEO of the Darke County Board of Developmental Disabilities. “He is the only one with a disability on the board and will be able to educate board members, myself and others with his ideas and thoughts. I think he will be a great addition.”

Darke DD currently employs 25 staff and serves 482 Darke County residents with developmental disabilities ranging in age from birth through over 80 years of age. The mission of Darke DD is to empower people with developmental disabilities to explore possibilities for their lives by maximizing independence, community participation, employment, and economic self-sufficiency in their daily life experiences.

For more information about the services provided by Darke DD, visit the agency website at or follow their Facebook page.