LWSB Awards Night brings closure to 2024 season

Greenville Lady Wave (L-R) Zoey Burns, Best Pitcher, Best Offensive Player, MVL Athlete of the Year and 2-time First Team All-Ohio. Kylar Arnett, Highest Batting Average, Best Offensive Player, First Team MVL All-League and Second Team All-Ohio. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

GREENVILLE – The Greenville Lady Wave Softball 2024 season ended with the program holding its annual Awards Night in the high school cafetorium under the direction of head coach Jerrod Newland.

“Tonight is a great evening to celebrate the 2024 program, team, and six great seniors,” said Coach Newland. “A great team and kids. I struggle with closure. That is one of my faults in life, I really struggle with closure.”

Lady Wave seniors (L-R) Savannah Leach, Mahayla Cook, Skylar Bryson, Addie Burke, Ella McLear, and Haleigh McDermitt. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

LWSB seniors include No. 1 Savannah Leach, No. 6 Skylar Bryson, No. 7 Haleigh McDermitt, No. 10 Addie Burke, No. 13 Mahayla Cook, and No. 14 Ella McLear.

The senior class ended their Lady Wave Softball career with an impressive 112-18 record, considering there are 27 regular season games annually. The seniors finish with an average of 28 wins a year and an incredible 89 percent winning percentage.

Senior first baseman Addie Burke named MVL First Team All-League. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“Tonight is a very nice night for the kids and their families,” Newland said. “Get a little closure and put a final on the year.”

“A lot of good people together,” continued Newland. “It’s tough when four months everything you do is on the calendar and for 90 days it’s the family function, whatever the softball is and not just the kids, the parents, community, yourself, it’s the calendar of what we’re doing and tough when that comes together and ends because it’s a daily grind, its relationships, it’s the kids and coaches.”

Senior Mahayla Cook earned MVL First Team All-League and led the Lady Wave with the most RBI on the season. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“We’re proud the softball team can represent Greenville City Schools in the spring and give us a fun ride there as the kids finish their high school careers and graduate this week,” Coach Newland stated. “Just a fun ride, awesome ride, appreciate the opportunities.”

The 2024 Lady Wave senior class completed the season with a 27-5 record, winning four straight District Titles and a Final Four finish in 2023. The four district championships add to the string of 16 district titles in the past 18 years.

The LWSB junior class included No. 5 Kylar Arnett, No. 15 Morgan Thompson, No. 16 Maddie Hutchens, No. 21 Zoey Burns, and No. 24 Marissa Hicks.

Senior Haleigh McDermitt named MVL First Team All-League. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

We had a great thing going and had a fun 13 weeks out there and unfortunately fell a little short at the end,” Newland said of the 1-0 regional loss to Kenton Ridge.

“Lost a lot of good kids,” Newland said of the senior class. “Lot of good kids coming. There’s five (incoming) seniors up there. Lot of neat kids, lot of great ball already in them, and bringing up an eighth-grade class. Should be fun.”

Greenville senior Ella McLear earns MVL First Team All-League honors. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

LWSB sophomore class included No. 4 Lily Brubaker, No. 11 Kendall Cromwell, and No. 19 Jaelyn Christman.

The freshman class: No. 2 Liz Shaffer, No. 3 Julia Yohey, No. 8 Peyton Mason, No. 9 Kara Blumenstock, No. 12 Carlee Yundt, No. 17 Claire Royer, No. 18 Rylie Pfledderer, No. 20 Cloe Shuttleworth, and No. 23 Rielynn Davidson.

LWSB juniors (L-R) Zoey Burns, Best Pitcher and Best Offensive Player; Maddie Hutchens, Best Defensive Player; and Kylar Arnett Highest Batting Average and Best Offensive Player. (Gaylen Blosser photo)
Lady Wave sophomore catcher Kendall Cromwell earns Defensive Player of the Year and MVL First Team All-League honors. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

2024 Lady Wave Softball Awards:

Lady Wave junior Zoey Burns was named First Team All-Ohio for the second consecutive year and MVL Athlete of the Year. LWSB junior Kylar Arnett was named Second Team All-Ohio and MVL First Team for the 2024 season.

Zoey Burns Best Pitcher and Best Offensive Player; Kylar Arnett Highest Batting Average and Best Offensive Player; Mahayla Cook Most RBI; Kendall Cromwell and Maddie Hutchens Best Defensive Player.

MVL All-League First Team honors: Zoey Burns, Kylar Arnett, Addie Burke, Mahayla Cook, Kendall Cromwell, Haleigh McDermitt, and Ella McLear.

Greenville Lady Wave veteran Hall of Fame coach Jerrod Newland was named 2024 MVL Coach of the Year.

“Thank to the parents because the parents did a great job,” Coach Newland concluded.