Light Foundation completes 2023 Leadership Camp

"It’s been an honor to get to know them and see them get to the point that they are at today" ... Matt Light

2023 Graduates & staff of Light Foundation Vohokase Cultural Leadership Camp. (Front L-R) Dakota Kendig, Chastan Daniels, Ethan Morris (Back L-R) Msgt. Daniel Hayter, Troy Eden, Brandon Ervin, Matt Light & Brian Remert. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

GREENVILLE – The Light Foundation completed its 12th Vohokase Cultural Leadership Camp with the graduation of the class of 2023, Chastan Daniels, Dakota Kendig and Ethan Massie.

In 2001, Greenville graduate Matt Light, a former NFL player and three time Superbowl Champion, and his wife Susie, established The Light Foundation to help young people develop the skills, values, and mindset they need to create a meaningful and productive future.

Matt Light speaks to 2023 Light Foundation graduating Leadership Class and guests. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“The three that graduated this year are from here in Darke County,” said Matt Light. “The bond that my family and I have to our home town and the impact that I get to see working with these young men, but introducing them to the people I grew up here admiring and looking up to and that they get to pour into these young men, my mom and dad are a big part of this, my in-laws, extended family, all the work that they’ve put into it and then of course the locals that welcome them into their businesses and into their homes and just give those words of wisdom, the little things.”

Light Foundation 2023 Leadership Camp graduating class (L-R) Dakota Kendig, Chastan Daniels and Ethan Morris. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

The Light Foundation believes through hard work and achievement, self–confidence is built. This is one of the best defenses a child can have against negative influences. Through their unique programming, they provide young adults outdoor and hands-on learning opportunities and inspire young people to believe in themselves and their ability to be great leaders. Not only is the Light Foundation helping them down their own path toward becoming successful adults, they are building healthy, responsible, and motivated citizens for generations to come.

Light Foundation Leadership Camp 2023 Graduates at the new Bell Tower (L-R) Matt Light, Dakota Kendig, Chastan Danials, Ethan Morris and Brian Remert. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

“It’s been an honor to get to know them and see them get to the point that they are at today,” Light graduates. “Four years committed, never gave up, never quit and so this night is about them, to honor their efforts and what they’ve done. They’ve left a big impact on the younger classes so just so excited for them to see what they’re going to do.”

Upon founding the Light Foundation, Matt dreamed about starting a camp where young men could learn lifelong skills that would help them be R.E.A.L (Responsible, Ethical, Accountable, Leaders). The Light Foundation’s premier program, Camp Vohokase has done just that.

Light Foundation 2023 Leadership Camp graduates, staff and friends. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

Camp alumni often return as counselors to give back to young men going through the four year program.

“We have a young man who is a counselor here that was part of our first ever graduating class in 2011,” Light said of Air Force Msgt. Daniel Hayter. “What a crazy different point in time in my own life but then to see him and his wife is here volunteering all this entire camp. They’re here for 10 days taking time away from the Air Force and everything else.”