Life’s Reflections: Saying Goodbye To A Former Co-worker

Murph always had that special smile and loved to make people feel secure around him. (Courtesy photo)


It was sad to hear about the recent loss of former co-worker, Glen “Murph” Murphy.

Ironically, he passed away on Aug. 11, the 23rd anniversary of my right kidney removal.

Murph, as I called him, always seemed so happy and was great to work with. He was deaf, but we didn’t dwell on it. He seemed to understand those around him and vice versa.

Here is a photo taken of Murph, his wife Mary and their four children. (Courtesy photo)

I know he loved his family, especially his long-time sweetheart and wife, Mary, who is also very nice. He was very proud of her and them.

I have a couple of memories to share, one of which I am proud; of, the other one not so much.
I remember him asking me to dance at a Christmas party held for co-workers at Jack Campbell’s printing shop in downtown Greenville one evening. I obliged and think we did a good job, even if I do say so myself.

I shouldn’t even bring this one up, but I am. When one of his children was born, he was passing out cigars to the men at work to celebrate the birth. Stupid me asked, “Where’s mine?” I was handed one…and only God knows why…I started puffing on it. I must have thought if men could do it, women could too. But I was wrong. It wasn’t long until I hated myself for showing off in that manner. I probably turned green and whatever else smoking a cigar does to a person. But, I was young and loved to have fun. A lesson was learned, and it was the last time I puffed on a cigar.

I think another co-worker June Baker, and I were invited to one of their wedding anniversary celebrations in Bradford, and we gladly attended. It was good to see them celebrate, and we had a memorable time.

Mary and Murph seem to be facing a relative at her wedding. (Courtesy photo)

Family members said he always wore a contagious smile and loved to make people feel loved.

Yes, his wife Mary was his high school sweetheart.

It was while in attended Ohio School of the Deaf in Columbus that he acquired the skills to run a newspaper press, which apparently put him at The Daily Advocate, where I became acquainted with him in the late 1960s, after which he later, much later, went to work at the Piqua Daily Call.

Residents of Bradford, he and Mary had four children, and the clan has grown immensely. Daughter April, now Brubaker, is the executive director of Main Street Greenville.

I didn’t see much of Murph after he left the newspaper. I think the last time was at WalMart in Greenville when I ran into him and Mary, and that was quite a few years back.

I was saddened to hear that he had been ill and was informed of that just days before his death when April posted something on Facebook.

Yes, he was a great guy, and he was part of the great team we had in the early days at the newspaper. I am so glad I had the opportunity to get to know him.

His obituary said he was also known as the little leprechaun, the dancing king, the jokester, and Poppa Smurph. I know why.

His death, like I said, occurred on my anniversary, but another ironic thing about that date is that before I left to have my surgery that day in Dayton, I opened up the newspaper, and there was another co-worker, Joanne Lehman’s obituary there. She had probably passed away a day or so before, but it was the first I knew about it. There must be something about the date Aug. 11.

Murph’s visitation will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday (tomorrow), preceding his services at 5 p.m. at Stocker-Fraley Funeral Home in Bradford.

I am sure other former co-workers will miss him. and I am almost positive. Bradford will miss him as well.

May you rest in peace, Murph! I’ll never forget the memories or that smile.


Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families and friends of Glen Murphy, Patty Jackson, (Rev.) Roberta Hart, Peggy Rieman,  Frank Hurd, Jody Pipenger and Carolyn Hemmelgarn.


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Happy anniversary to Shawn and Michelle Phllippi on Aug. 15, Pat and Debbie Barga on Aug. 16, and Dan and Marty Schipfer on Aug. 20.


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