Life’s Reflections: Moody clan says goodbye to another family member

June Moody, seated in foreground, is shown with most, if not all, of her immediate family. They all looked up to her. (Complimentary photo)

It was a sad week for the Moody family as another matriarch, June Moody, passed away March 26 at Reid Hospital in Richmond, Ind., at the age of 88.

Formerly of Rossburg, she had been residing at the Brethren Retirement Community (BRC) in Greenville. A graduate of Versailles High School, she retired from the Rossburg Post Office at the age of 81 and was very involved with her family and their lives in her spare time.

Family members included five children, Tom and Don Moody, Connie Starline, Kathy Wagner and Tammy Klipstine and numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

She will be missed as all of those have gone before us but we still have the memories… decades of memories, and for that we are grateful.

Some of those memories were brought to light at the funeral, and it was enjoyable to listen to those who spoke. She was well loved by her family and friends.

I am so glad that my two sisters, Bev Brumbaugh and Brenda Norton, and I visited her Feb. 9 at the BRC. She looked like she was in good health and I think we’ll all agree that it was a great visit.

We never know in this day and age whose lives will be taken from us tomorrow, but I know I’m glad for the people with whom I have crossed paths.

Rest In Peace, Aunt June.


I now truly believe in the idiom “If March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion” or vice versa, “If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like lamb.”

That was so true this year when we had beautiful weather at the approach of March to finish with whatever you want to call the weather we had this past weekend.

Never before in my life, and I have heard this idiom over the years, did I pay any attention until now. For some reason, I remember how beautiful it was as March approached.

I’m just glad there wasn’t a snow storm instead of the heavy winds and rain that we experienced Friday night and Saturday. Yet, we “survived,” even though we had a power outage which lasted approximately three hours early Saturday.

We were fortunate compared to other communities in Ohio, not to mention the southern states, who experienced a lot more destruction than we did in this area when this recent bout of weather came upon us.

My first thoughts of the impending weather was that I hope people do not have to drive in it, but you know many of them have to.

So glad that i don’t have to go out in it like I normally would have if I were working full-time.

Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families and friends of Maureen McCabe, Betty Heiser, Margaret Fiely, Jeff Runner and Robert Barga.
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Happy birthday:
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April 6 to Ruth Hall Richards, Tom Dosseck and Robin Hilderbrand Cook.
April 7 to Angie Rose Drees, Tracy Moody Cessna, Alyssa Batten, Deanna Schlarman and Wendy Buckley.
April 8 to Susan Robertson and Rick Mayo.
April 9 to Justin Brumbaugh, Karen Boze Johnston, Marc Saluk, Jeff Mayo, Alysha Oda, David Bonar and Roger Harter.
April 10 to Gail Moody, Apolonio Perez, Diane Mestemaker Siefring and Ava Kammer.
April 11 to Dan Turner, Preston Deeter, Amber Kramer Barbour, Greg Zechar, Dalton Horne, and Beth Davis.

Happy anniversary to Jim and Evelyn Shuttleworth on April 6; Lisa and Randy Heck on April 5; and Jeff and Jackie (Moody) Sanders on April 9.
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