Life’s Reflections: In the mood for some Christmas decorations

Here are the decorations I am putting up this year inside the house. Not much, but they will boost our spirits. (Linda Moody photo)

In recent years, I have not decorated for the yuletide holidays, but a couple of things have spurred me to do so this year.

I really stopped doing it since we’ve been at our current location for almost 15 years, except for a few little exceptions.

These two gifts were what spurred this reporter to decorate this year. They are appreciated. (Linda Moody photo)

We were moving to a smaller place in 2008, so I decided to downsize and sold my collection of decorations. I kept a few…just in case.

There has been no Christmas tree of size since in our decorating scheme, I’m guessing, 21 years or so, as a visiting dog liked to attack our tree. Besides, there really is no room here and that’s okay.

Tiny trees will suffice for us.

So back to what sparked my interest in putting up decorations inside the house this year, is when I, first and foremost, interviewed, Jerica and Nathan Stafford here in Ansonia on their property decorations and lighting display.

My decorating is nothing compared to theirs but it’s good enough for Jamie and me. Jerica and Nathan made me see that it’s important to share the holidays with others and do it with love.

Erica and Nathan Stafford are another reason the Moodys are decorating for Christmas inside their home. Their love for Christmas and each other, not to mention sharing that love with their friends and passersby, are indicative of the yuletide season. Thanks to all who made us reflect on the season again. (Linda Moody photo)

Christmases are not really the same anymore without Mom and Dad, but I have to remember that I still have Jamie and he loves this kind of thing. So why not?

Also, Jamie and I each received a special Christmas gift from two of our new-found friends.

The homemade craft I received and the stuffed reindeer Jamie received are the cutest things and something we’ll always cherish. How sweet of them!

Seeing the smile on Jamie’s face when he got was handed the reindeer I knew I had to decorate inside the house at least. I began thinking, ‘why not decorate in some manner this year.’ Life’s too short not to enjoy it.

My older decorations are nothing fancy, but are reflective of the holidays.

Maybe next year, Jamie and I can visit close-up Dick Brown’s exquisite Christmas lighting display east of Greenville and perhaps some others.

Of course, we know the Reason for the Season and we shall never forget that.

So, as I end this, enjoy getting ready, if you haven’t already started, for the holidays fast approaching. It will surely put the spirit in you.


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