Life’s Reflections: Columnist rates Garno story among her top ones

Karson Garno gladly accepted a couple of baseball cards featuring Jim Abbott to put with his baseball card collection. Clinton Randall presented them to him. (Gaylen Blosser photo)

I have penned many, many articles over the years, but one that will be most memorable is the one I wrote about Karson Garno, the 11-year-old Arcanum baseball player last week.
I interviewed him at his home late afternoon on April 25 and it appeared online the next day. It was truly a great interview and I am so proud that Karson consented to let me write it.

Even with a birth defect, he plays baseball for the Arcanum 12U team. In fact, he is a pitcher and coach. Read the original story here.

Within days, the ball (no pun intended) started rolling. Right away Webmaster/Reporter Clinton Randall, after reading the article, decided he wanted to give Karson the rookie baseball card of Jim Abbott, who too played major league ball with a birth defect and served as a “hero” to Karson. That was presented to him last Friday at My County Link by Clinton.

Another thing Clinton did was to send the story to the Cincinnati Reds office, who contacted the Garno family and invited them to a game May 28.

If I heard the story correctly, they will be watching the Reds practice and play a game that day, and Karson will get to meet the Reds players. How exciting!

I can’t take credit for all that evolved from my story, but I do want to thank Clinton, who became inspired by Karson’s article.

I have to also credit someone else who is the one who suggested I write the story in the first place. I don’t generally write sports stories but I accepted and Gaylen Blosser, the editor, okayed it.

The person who gave me the idea was Mike Dohme, great-uncle of Karson. Even though I know some of the Dohme family, I did not know of Karson.

Mke Dohme, a brother of Karson Garno’s grandmother, Joy Thompson, had a hand in getting Karson’s name in the news. (Courtesy photo)

Mike even asked me another favor after the story appeared…could the story be sent to the Cincinnati Reds. I no more than told Clinton that someone asked if that could happen then he was on it right away.

The Garnos were contacted by the Reds a few days before he received the baseball cards from Clinton.

I am thankful that Karson and his family let me take part in this assignment.

I, too, was inspired by Karson.

If I were a baseball coach, I would love having a boy like Karson Garno on my team. He is wise for his age.

And, I thank Karson’s parents for helping him to realize his dreams by playing ball. All of them are really nice people.

Here is the Garno family on a visit to the Toledo Zoo. Shown, from left, are Karson’s father, Patrick, Karson’s six-year-old brother Lane, himself and his mother Megan. (Courtesy photo)

I may not live long enough, but I can just see the “KARSON GARNO” name in lights at some professional baseball team one of these days.

Good luck, Karson, you deserve it!

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