Letter of support for Laura Waymire


Paid for by the Committee to Elect Laura Waymire 

Dear Editor,

This letter is in support of Laura Waymire for Darke County Prosecuting Attorney in the upcoming Republican Primary on March 19, 2024.  My name is Jeff Amick, and I formerly practiced law in Darke County for 35 years and served as the City of Greenville’s elected Law Director and Municipal Prosecutor from 1980-2011.  I concluded my legal career as the City of Sidney’s Law Director and Municipal Prosecutor, having retired from the practice of law at the end of 2022.

In this latter capacity, I had the opportunity to come to know both the character and professional acumen of Laura Waymire as she, for the majority of my time in Sidney, served as a valued member of the Public Defender’s Office, which serves Shelby County, Ohio.  Ms. Waymire and I had contact on an almost daily basis and tried countless matters before the bench and to juries while representing the opposing interests of our respective clients.  Laura always zealously advocated on behalf of her clients, was meticulously prepared, and constituted a worthy adversary who engendered my respect and a need for careful preparation on my part.

As a former Law Director and Municipal Prosecutor, I well understand and appreciate those professional and personal attributes which are required of a County Prosecuting Attorney.  Without hesitation or reservation, I wholeheartedly endorse Laura Waymire as she seeks to become the Darke County Prosecuting Attorney.  She possesses the ability, determination, and mindset which will allow her to faithfully and fully perform the requisite duties as your next County Prosecuting Attorney.  I urge you to cast your vote for Laura Waymire on March 19.


Jeffrey L. Amick

Former Greenville Law Director 1980-2011

Former Sidney Law Director 2011-2022


(937) 564-2945

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