Letter of Support for Aaron Flatter


Paid for by Friends of Aaron Flatter 

Dear Fellow Darke County Voters:

My career in public service and business has given me a unique insight into the importance of great leaders in all aspects of life. People with life experience, conviction, and a commitment to doing the right thing. Aaron Flatter is one of these people.

Aaron is a young professional born and raised in Southern Darke County. He graduated from Tri-Village after a successful career in both academics and athletics. Aaron chose to enter the skilled trades and earned his Journeyman Electricians’ License. As many of us here in Darke County understand, there is tremendous value in someone who can work with their hands and fill these critical jobs that have long been dismissed. Aaron’s career in the electrical industry only thrived from there, as he grew with Garber and is now their Business Development Manager.  

Aaron’s values also align with what we hold important here in Darke County. He has been married to his wonderful wife, Pamela, for 19 years and is raising their 2-year-old son right down the street from where he grew up. Aaron’s decision to live and raise his family here in Darke County was a deliberate one- he knows there is no better place than right here to plant your roots.

I am fully supporting Aaron’s campaign to be our next Darke County Commissioner. Aaron’s business and interpersonal skills will be true assets to our County, as he works to make sure our region continues to attract and retain our young people. He is a hard worker who has already shown a commitment to listening and meeting the many people and businesses here in Darke County. Aaron is a pro-business, pro-family conservative who will bring a fresh perspective to the Board.

Please join me in supporting Aaron Flatter this March to be our next Darke County Commissioner in the Republican March Primary Election. As a write-in candidate, it is important to remember that you will have to choose “Write-In” and physically type/print in his name. This is an extra step, but Aaron- and our County—deserve it.  

Most Sincerely,

Jim Buchy

Former State Representative

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