Larry Holmes for Aaron Flatter


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Dear Editor: 

As you may remember, after formally deciding not to seek re-election last fall, I endorsed Aaron Flatter to run for my open seat as Darke County Commissioner.

I did not take my decision not to run nor my endorsement lightly. Darke County has always been home to me and my family, and I only want the best for our future. Knowing that I simply could not commit the necessary time for another four years, I quickly realized that Aaron Flatter shared my same passion for Darke County. He is a mature and responsible young professional with career experiences that include project management, budgetary oversight, team leadership, and the ability to listen. Personally, his role as a husband and father, homeowner, and church volunteer has given him great perspective and understanding.  

Over the last six months, I have only gained more respect for Aaron as I have observed him campaigning for office. He has run a clean and honest campaign and has shown an authentic earnestness in meeting as many new people and businesses as possible. Aaron has sought out new organizations, communities, and opportunities to introduce himself and learn and listen as much as possible. I am confident that Aaron will serve Darke County in a positive manner as a Darke County Commissioner.

Please join me in ‘writing in’ Aaron Flatter as your candidate of choice for county commissioner during this period of primary elections – with early voting or on Tuesday, March 19th.


Larry Holmes 

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