Jim Buchy and Katie DeLand on WTGR


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On Monday, August 7, former State Representative Jim Buchy and Darke County Republican Party Exec Chairman Katie DeLand spoke on WTGR’s Community Ties to encourage a yes vote on issue 1.

“This is an all-hands-on-deck election, and we need every single one of you at the polls tomorrow,” urged Buchy. “This election will have ramifications for years to come and has the potential to drastically change our way of life as we know it.”

Issue 1 will do three things: raise the threshold for future constitutional ballot amendments to 60%+1, expand the signature collections to all 88 counties, and eliminate an existing 10-day cure period for invalid signatures.

“Making changes to our state constitution SHOULD be hard, and Issue 1 closes a loophole that so many out-of-state interests have exploited for many years,” explained DeLand.

The Darke County Republican Party endorsed a YES vote on Issue 1, joining groups like the Ohio Chamber, Ohio Farm Bureau, Ohio Right to Life, and Buckeye Firearms Association in the position.

Early voting is over, but polls will be open tomorrow from 6:30 – 7:30 p. You can check your polling location at www.ohiosos.gov

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