Happy National Best Friend Day from all at My County Link

Be sure to celebrate all of your close friends and family today


DARKE COUNTY—Best friends are the family that we choose. Sometimes, they are family that we have an unbreakable bond with. Whether they are steps, or an ocean away, months or decades old, best friends are crucial to life.

Best friends are with us through the good, the bad and the ugly. To celebrate our reliable close friends of all kinds, the United States celebrates Best Friends every year on June 8 with National Best Friends Day.

In coordination with the holiday, My County Link shared a few memories regarding a few best friends of ours.

Abby and her life long friend Mariah.

Abigail Miller, Editor
I will never forget when my friend Mariah Williamson’s mom walked across the street when we were 5 years old to meet my mom, to make sure my house was safe, of course, and she realized she’d grown up with my parents. I think since that moment, Mariah and I haven’t looked back. While I have other very, very close best friends, I don’t have many others who have known me throughout my whole life, with all of its phases and moments; other than my actual family. A real friend shows forgiveness, grace, boundaries and love. I’m lucky to have many friends show me that.

Amber Hutt, Reporter
One of my best friends is Kaylie McGreevey. We have been friends for a few years and met when she started dating my brother Alex (They aren’t married yet, but I still call her my sister-in-law). She is genuinely one of my favorite people. She’s the first person I go to when I have drama to rant about, things I am excited about and can’t wait to tell, and complaints about life. I always love returning the favor and being there for her when I can. Since I work part-time at Starbucks, I know her coffee order (an iced white mocha with cold foam and caramel drizzle), and since she works at part-time Walgreens, she knows which Squishmallows to grab for me (honestly, almost any of them). Getting to hang out with Kaylie means we are stuffed full of food and snacks, laughing so hard we can’t see, and Taylor Swift is blasting in the background. I could not have asked for a better person to come into my life. Love you Kaylie!

Keller and her mother Marie.

Tonya Keller, VP of Sales
National Best Friend Day makes me think of my amazing friends! I have friends who deeply know my soul, and living life with them is a true blessing and treasure. I’m very close to my children, they’ve always been my little best friends/buddies since the time they were born. I’ve always been immensely close to my mother, Marie Schlechty. She taught me so much growing up. Our lives weren’t always easy and there were plenty of heart aches; however, my mother took everything thrown at her with such grace. She taught me to love Jesus, to never hate anyone, to work hard no matter what and to show up for people. We have cried together, and we have laughed the kind of laughs where tears roll down your cheeks! She’s a friend to all and would do anything for anyone. She has this unique quality about her where you just always want her there, cheering you on, helping you, teaching you, and her famous thumb up for a good job. There’s so much I could say about my momma, but I’ll leave it with, she’s my best friend.