Greenville Township Emergecy Services Receives 11th Ohio Safe Haven Baby Box


GREENVILLE – The 11th Safe Haven Baby Box was recently installed at the Greenville Township Emergency Services facility, located at 1401 Sater St. in Greenville.

A safe haven baby box is a designated location where parents can anonymously and safely leave an infant they are unable or unwilling to care for. The infant must be within 30 days of the birth date.

The process involves opening the box’s secure door, placing the baby inside, and then closing the door. Once the door is shut, a sensor alerts authorities to retrieve the baby.

These boxes aim to prevent unsafe abandonment and ensure that infants are placed in proper care, following legal protocols.

Currently, there are nearly 150 baby boxes in the United States, with the first being installed in Indiana in 2016.

If you do not live nearby Greenville, you can contact the Safe Haven Baby Box hotline at (888)742-2133 or to learn more visit their official website at