Greenville Police Blotter November 24 – December 14


November 24, 1:34 pm. PO Kreitzer was dispatched to Wagner Ave in reference to a private property accident. Upon arrival, Kreitzer made contact with Moises Esteves, who advised someone struck his vehicle while he was inside Goodwill. Kreitzer could observe moderate damage on the passenger side of his vehicle. Moises attempted to open his door but could not fully open the door. Moises has Geico insurance. After speaking with Moises, Kreitzer went inside Goodwill to attempt to gather camera footage of the incident. Kreitzer saw a green SUV turn into a parking spot and strike Moises’ vehicle on the passenger side. The vehicle backed out of the parking spot and left the scene. Kreitzer could not see the vehicle’s license plate for identification. 

December 6, 9:36 pm. Monnin observed a Silver 2000 Pontiac Grand Am being operated eastbound on Martin Street near Integrity Way. Monnin observed the vehicle failed to have two headlights illuminated to the front of the vehicle. A traffic stop was made on the listed vehicle. Monnin approached the vehicle and confirmed the operator of the vehicle to be Rodney Springer. Through LEADS/NCIC, it was confirmed that Rodney was under a non-compliant driver’s license suspension from 04/22/2022 to indefinite. Monnin also confirmed the passenger in the vehicle to be Michael Bunger. During the course of the traffic stop, Monnin requested a K9 at his location. While writing the citation for Rodney’s reference driving under suspension, Deputy Magel arrived on the scene with his K9 partner. Deputy Magel completed an open-air sniff on the vehicle, and the result was a positive alert. Rodney and Michael were asked to exit the vehicle. While conducting a probable cause search of the listed vehicle, Monnin located a clear glass vile in Michael’s backpack. The vile had white residue, which may be consistent with Meth residue. Monnin also located a rolled marijuana “joint” near the driver’s seat. Nothing else was located inside the vehicle. Due to the additional evidence, Monnin searched Michael and Rodney. Monnin located nothing further on Rodney, and he advised the marijuana was his. Due to the new law not being in effect yet, the marijuana was taken and disposed of. While searching Michael, Monnin located a small baggie of an unknown substance underneath his phone case. Michael was Mirandized, and he admitted the substance was meth. Both subjects were released from the scene with a valid driver. Rodney was released with a copy of the citation reference DUS. The unknown substance was taken to the Greenville Police Department and placed into property. This case will be sent to the Darke County Prosecutor’s office pending lab results.

December 8, 6:20 pm. PO Matthew Ganiron was dispatched to West Main St, GPD, in reference to a report of a vehicle not stopping for a stopped school bus that occurred on December 6. Through investigation, Ganiron learned the complainant/driver, Michael Woody, was stopped while traveling eastbound on East Water Street near Walnut Street in school bus #4 on December 6 at approximately 2:53 pm. While Michael was stopped, he observed a blue 2008 Jeep Liberty with the Ohio license plate HFL5079 traveling westbound on East Water Street towards him. The jeep proceeded to pass the stopped bus while its red lights were activated, its stop sign was fully extended, and children were exiting the bus. While the Jeep was passing the stopped bus, Michael used the horn from the bus to alert the diver, but the vehicle continued to proceed past without stopping. After using LEADS/NCIC to check the license place, it was found the vehicle was registered to Mark Wright. Mark was contacted and stated that he owned the Jeep but had not been driving the vehicle during the incident and believed it was his son/defendant, Joshua Wright, driving it. When asked about the incident, Joshua admitted that he had been operating the vehicle and had passed the stopped school bus. Joshua was advised that he would be issued a citation for the incident and agreed to meet at the police department to receive the citation. At approximately 9:15 pm, Joshua arrived at the Police Department, where he was issued his copy of the citation and advised of his mandatory court date. A DVD containing the video footage from Bus #4 showing the incident was placed into property as evidence. 

December 8, 11:06 pm. PO Ben Conley responded to East Fourth St in reference to found property. Upon arrival, Conley made contact with complainant Nathan Zehringer, who stated his son found a black Gotrax electric scooter lying in the middle of the street in front of his house. The scooter had a small pink bag on the front of it with a charger inside. Conley was unable to read the serial number on the scooter due to it being partially scratched off. There were no other identifiers on the scooter. At this time, the owner is unknown. The scooter was transported to the Hart Avenue garage and placed into property for safekeeping. 

December 9, 6:46 am. PO Alan Smith responded with Sgt Prickett and Officer Freeman to Oxford Dr apartments in reference to a suicidal subject. Upon arrival, the subject in question, Bryan Black, stated he was not suicidal; during a conversation, Bryan stated Tyler Mayo was inside the residence. Smith knew Tyler had an active bench warrant out of GPD for failing to comply with a disorderly conduct charge. Officers were allowed to search the apartment and located Tyler hiding in a closet. The warrant on Tyler was confirmed, and he was placed under arrest and transported to Darke County Jail, where he was incarcerated with no bond and must serve 29 days. 

December 9, 11:28 pm. PO Ben Conley observed a gray Nissan traveling East on Martin St. Conley checked the registration through LEADS/NCIC and learned that it belonged to a Dodge. Conley initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Ridge Summers.  Conley checked Ridge through LEADS/NCIC and learned his driver’s license was suspended. Conley also checked the VIN on the vehicle and learned that it was registered to William Traux. Ridge stated that he recently bought the vehicle and never registered it in his name. The vehicle was parked in a no-parking zone, and Ridge did not have anyone who could get the vehicle for him. Due to this, Hurds towed the vehicle. Ridge was issued citations for Driving Under Suspension and Fictitious Plates. 

December 10, 1:28 pm. PO Archer was dispatched to Oxford Drive Apartments in reference to a trespassing complaint. While en route, dispatch advised that Bryan S. Black was currently there and that he had been previously trespassed from the apartment complex by PO Ganiron. Upon Archer and Sgt. Raffel’s arrival, they made contact with the victim/witness, Brenda Black, who advised that her ex-husband, Bryan Black, was currently in the upstairs portion of the apartment and was refusing to leave. Archer made contact with Bryan and advised him to come downstairs. Bryan complied and walked outside of the apartment with Archer. Brenda advised Sgt. Raffel that she wanted  Bryan charged for trespassing and that she was afraid for her safety and the safety of her children. She advised that no matter what is done, Bryan continues to come back to the listed residence where he has been trespassed from previously. Brenda advised he has never lived there. Brenda was given and completed a witness statement form and was also given a victim’s rights form and advised of her rights as a victim. Archer spoke to Bryan, who advised that he did know he was not supposed to be at the residence or apartment complex, but he went there to see his son on his birthday due to Bryan always being incarcerated during the time of his son’s birthdays. Bryan was subsequently issued a citation for criminal trespassing and advised of his court date. He was given all necessary copies of his paperwork. Bryan was transported to GPD with his belongings, where he was able to make contact with someone to come pick him up. 

December 11, 11:19 am. DET. Joseph Wolfe responded to the Stardust Motel in reference to an unresponsive male. Upon arrival, a deceased male was located inside the room. Coroner’s Investigator Joe Vanvickle and DET. Hawes responded, and an investigation was started. The deceased was released to Dwyer Transport Services to be transported to the Miami Valley Crime Lab. 

December 11, 9:09 pm. A known wanted person was apprehended in a parking lot on Wagner Avenue. PO Ben Conley had prior knowledge that Loren Campbell had an active warrant through the Warren County Sheriff’s Office for Menacing by Stalking and that he was currently working at Wendy’s on Wagner Ave. Conley was sitting in the parking lot when PO Marion observed Loren leave Wendy’s and begin walking south on Wagner Ave. Conley located Loren, and after the warrant was confirmed by dispatch, Loren was placed under arrest. Loren was then transported to Darke County Jail. 

December 12, 1:26 pm. Sgt. Benjamin Boyer was dispatched to the Greenville Police Department in reference to a found vehicle title. The vehicle title was dropped off at GPD anonymously, and it is unknown where the title was located before being brought in. The title is to a 1994 Ford van belonging to Richard Baldwin. The title showed that it was sold to Richard on August 9, 2023, and was notarized. The seller/original owner was shown as Neal Huffman. Boyer spoke with Neal on the phone, who stated that he sold the van to Gary Warren in August and was unsure if Gary then sold the van to Richard. Neal stated that Richard called him approximately a week ago asking for him to help him get a new title because the BMV would not accept the current one due to it appearing to have corrections/alterations. The vehicle/vin # was run through LEADS/NCIC and is not reported stolen, and Boyer could not reach Gary or Richard via telephone. Both Gary and Richard have Union City, Ohio, addresses in Spillman. Boyer contacted Chief Ater with Union City, Ohio PD, who was unable to locate either subject. The title was packaged and placed into GPD property for safekeeping. 

December 13, 9:16 pm. Sgt. Monnin observed a blue 2003 Jeep Liberty being operated northbound on South Broadway. The vehicle was displaying an Indiana License plate. Through LEADS/NCIC, Monnin confirmed the vehicle’s owner was Eric Garringer and that Eric’s driver’s license was under an active Indiana Suspension from 6-13-2015 to indefinite. A traffic stop was made, and Monnin cited Eric for his violation. Eric advised he was going to sit and wait for his ride, and Monnin advised him he would wait with him so he did not drive away. While waiting for Eric’s ride, Monnin used the Flock License Plate Reader system to check his vehicle through their system and was able to determine Eric’s vehicle was just in Trotwood on Salem Avenue at 8:11 pm. Due to the new information, Monnin asked Eric if he would exit the vehicle to speak, and he consented. Eric advised he had just been released from Wayne Hospital before he was stopped and stated his vehicle would have also been at the hospital the entire time until he was released just recently. This information did not match the Flock Image showing his vehicle in Trotwood. Eric was then placed into the rear of Monnin’s vehicle until K9 could arrive. Monnin asked passenger John Rector about where they were coming from, and he stated that Monnin knew. Monnin asked if they just went to Dayton to buy drugs, and he advised yes. John admitted that they went to a corner in Trotwood, and Eric did a hand-to-hand transaction for the drugs. John was placed into the rear of Officer Marion’s car, who was on scene assisting. The Union City, Indiana, K9 arrived on the scene to perform an open-air sniff on the vehicle. The result of the sniff was a positive alert. While performing a probable cause search on the vehicle, Monnin located a clear baggie hiding between the driver’s seat and the center console. The baggie contained an unknown substance with the appearance of methamphetamine. The bag was later weighed on a taped, unofficial scale, weighing approximately 14.7 grams. While searching the vehicle, I also located a glass meth pipe in the same location as the drugs. The items were taken as evidence, and Eric was placed under arrest. Eric was also Mirandized before questioning. Eric admitted to purchasing the drugs and that he bought what he thought was a half ounce for $75. Eric also admitted that the substance was methamphetamine. Hot Rod’s Towing towed the vehicle. Eric was transported to the Darke County Jail and released to staff. The evidence was transported to the Greenville Police Department and placed into property along with a DVD counting audio and video of the traffic stop. 

December 14, 7 pm. Conley responded to Chestnut St to serve a Felony Warrant for Gage Bradburn. Conley had prior knowledge that Gage has a Felony warrant through the Darke County Sheriff’s Office for Contempt of Court. Upon officers’ arrival, they made contact with Jeff Royster at the front door. Jeff originally stated that Gage was not home but, after further questioning, admitted that Gage was inside. Officers then entered the residence and located Gage in the living room. The warrant was confirmed, and Gage was placed under arrest and into handcuffs that were gap-checked and double-locked. While inside, Sgt. Monnin observed a small bag containing an unknown crystal-like substance believed to be Methamphetamine on a table in plain view. The unknown substance was taken and placed into property for destruction. Gage was transported to the Darke County Jail and released to jail staff.