Greenville Police Blotter November 14 – November 29, 2023


November 14, 12:49 pm. PO William Daugherty was dispatched to the intersection of Sater Street and Sebring Warner Road in reference to found property. Upon arrival, Daugherty located an orange Next Mountain bike lying off the side of the road near the intersection of Sater Street and Sebring Warner Road. Dispatch was unable to get a return on the bicycle. The bicycle was placed into property at Hart Avenue garage. 

November 21, 8:09 pm. PO Matthew Ganiron was dispatched to North Gray Avenue in reference to a private property accident. Upon arrival, Ganiron spoke with complainant/witness Austin Parkman, who stated that his work vehicle had been damaged while parked at Wayne Healthcare. There was a significant amount of damage on the front passenger door that continued until the right rear tire and the right rear tire had been unseated from the wheel of the vehicle and was making contact with the road. Contact was made with hospital security, who looked through the footage but could not find any indication of an accident occurring. There have been no reports of hit skips consistent with the listed vehicle or the damage it sustained. With no additional evidence, admissions, or witnesses being available, no further follow-up is possible at this time. 

November 22, 2:57 am. PO Alan Smith was dispatched to Central Ave in reference to a report of a stabbing that took place there. Prior to Smith’s arrival, Smith was advised by dispatch there was a language barrier, and no one spoke English. When Smith arrived on the scene, he made contact with Jamie Vargas and Jesus Ayala. They got an interpreter, Brenda Vazquez Ayala, on the phone. Smith located the victim, Jose Ayala, in the kitchen near the back door. Jose had blood on his arms and chest and appeared to have trouble breathing; when he did breathe, Smith noticed an internal organ pushing through a gash on his chest just below his sternum. Greenville Township Rescue arrived on the scene and transported him to Miami Valley Hospital. PO Smith, Sgt Raffel, and Officer Kiryluk located all the residents in the house. Daniel Delgado was able to translate Jamie Vargas and stated Pedro Gutierrez had stabbed Jose with a knife-like object. Sgt. Raffel got consent to search from the subjects living at the residence, including Pedro. Pedro was detained and placed in the back of Smith’s cruiser. Detective Dickmann arrived and processed the scene. Daniel translated information from Jamie, who stated that prior to the fifth, Pedro had gotten into a verbal altercation with Jose, and during the argument, it looked like Pedro followed Jose into the kitchen and stabbed him with what Jamie believed was a knife. Pedro declined to have his consulate notified and stated he drank a lot of alcohol and did not remember the incident. Pedro was arrested for felonious assault with a deadly weapon. Pedro was transported to Darke County Jail, where he was incarcerated with no bond. 

November 22, 7:44 pm. Det. Joseph Wolfe observed a blue Ford Fusion traveling westbound at the intersection of West Maple Street and Spring Street. As Wolfe turned eastbound onto West Maple Street, he observed that the male driver raised his left arm and looked in the other direction as if to hide his identity from Wolfe. As Wolfe turned around, he observed the vehicle accelerate quickly and turn southbound on Wayne Street without signaling. As he tried to catch up to the vehicle, he observed it failing to stop for a stop sign and failing to signal before turning. Wolfe activated his emergency lights and siren to conduct a traffic stop for the violations. The vehicle began to flee at a high rate of speed, and Wolfe began to pursue. Wolfe lost sight of the vehicle in the area of State Route 571 and Wagner Road. At this time, the identity of the suspect is unknown. 

November 24, 2:47 pm. PO Kreitzer observed Damon Dickey walking eastbound on East Main Street. Kreitzer ran Damon through dispatch, who advised he had a Felony Warrant for a Parole Violation. Kreitzer placed Damon in handcuffs and transported him to Darke County Jail. 

November 24, 3:15 pm. Det. Joseph Wolfe was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a shoplifting complaint. Upon arrival, Wolfe made contact with Lost Prevention employee Jodi Edger and the suspect, Melody Phillips, in the Lost Prevention office. While speaking with them, Wolfe found that Melody had concealed several items from Walmart in her purse and had walked out of the store with them without paying. Wolfe completed a misdemeanor citation for theft, issued Meolody her copy, and advised her of her court date and time. Melody was advised that she was trespassed from the property, and the trespass warning was documented in Spillman. 

November 25, 11:23 am. PO Kreitzer was dispatched to Walnut Street in reference to a Welfare Check. Upon arrival, Kreitzer made contact with Shawn Martin. Shawn’s name was run through dispatch, who advised he had a felony warrant for a probation violation. Shawn was placed into handcuffs and transported to Darke County Jail. 

November 25, 5:10 pm. PO Kreitzer went to East Fifth Street in reference to a wanted person check. Kreitzer and PO Conley were allowed into the residence and arrested Nicholas Reeder, who had a warrant through Greenville. Nicholas was placed into handcuffs and transported to Darke County Jail.

November 28, 5:48 pm. PO Matthew Ganiron was dispatched to Walnut Street in reference to an instance of disorderly conduct. Upon arrival, Ganiron learned the defendant, Carla Wintrow, had been involved in an argument that had only been verbal. During the interaction, Ganiron observed Carla drinking what appeared to be alcohol, had slurred speech, and the smell of alcohol coming from her. Carla Left the apartment as a result of the argument with her belongings. At approximately 6:45 pm, Ganiron was dispatched to East Fifth St. in reference to a welfare check; the complainant advised an unknown subject was sitting in the grass of an open field. Upon arrival, Ganiron located Carla sitting in the open field crying. When asked if she was alright, Clara could not make a coherent sentence and stated she needed to go to the hospital. Carla was checked for weapons; a gold and blue pocket knife and fingernail clippers were found. She was transported to Wayne ER. At approximately 7:21 pm, Ganiron was dispatched to Wayne Healthcare ER in reference to Carla being disorderly. Ganiron was advised by several hospital emergency staff that Carla had attempted to strike, bite, and spit on hospital staff members as they were attempting to provide medical care. Caitlin Newton had been struck several times in the abdomen with Carla’s foot, causing her physical harm as she attempted to provide medical treatment. Carla was taken into custody and transported to the Darke County Jail. Carla’s assault on Caitlin enhances the offense to a fourth-degree Felony as a result of Caitlin being an emergency service provider. The disorderly conduct offense enhances to a fourth-degree misdemeanor as a result of Carla being persistently disorderly as well as having been committed in the presence of emergency staff at an emergency facility. 

November 29, 2:49 pm PO Aaron Hall was dispatched to Martin St in reference to a hit-skip accident. Upon arrival, Hall made contact with victim Paula Anthony, who stated she had parked her car in front of Martin St on November 27 at approximately 4:00 pm, and on November 29 at approximately 2:49 pm, she noticed the front part of her bumper was lying on the road. The front piece of the bumper was already placed back onto the car prior to Hall’s arrival. Hall observed what appeared to be white paint transfer on the vehicle but it was hard to tell with the paint that was faded. Anthony stated her neighbor’s daughter had a white vehicle parked next door in the driveway and believes the vehicle came from that driveway. Hall called and spoke with the neighbor Kendra Breaden, who stated that her daughter had not been at the house since Thanksgiving. Breaden was extremely agitated on the phone and stated that she or no one she knew hit the vehicle. Breaden stated no one had a white vehicle parked in her driveway within the last two days and she did notice the piece of her neighbors car laying on the ground on the morning of November 29. Pictures of the damage were taken—no further evidence at this time. 

November 29, 5:09 pm. PO Aaron Hall was dispatched to E Gift St. in reference to the theft of a utility trailer. Upon arrival, Hall made contact with the complainant/victim, Ronald Cook. Cook advised that his black utility trailer was stolen from his driveway on the rear of his property sometime between November 25 and November 29. Cook advised that it was the same trailer that was stolen roughly about a year ago. Cook advised that the trailer had no distinguishing marks besides the broken driver’s side tail light. Hall was able to locate the trailer in Spillman, and it shows the license plate that belongs to it is SZM8351. Cook stated that he knew his neighbors to the rear of his property and would have them check their cameras and contact Hall. Cook advised that he did not give anyone permission to take or use the trailer. A statement form and a victim’s rights form were completed. The trailer was entered into LEADS as stolen. Follow-up will be done in case management.