Greenville Police Blotter December 11 – December 19


December 11, 7:21 am. Sgt. M. Prickett was dispatched to Riffle Avenue in reference to a theft from a vehicle. The complainant, David Harsh, advised he drives a work truck owned by Moeller door and window. David advised he parks his vehicle on the street in front of his residence. David stated he parked the truck on 12/8/2023 after work and didn’t go back out to it. David stated when he went out to the truck to leave for work, he noticed a side door on the toolbox compartment was open. David advised he noticed a bandsaw was missing from this compartment. He stated he also had a sawmill missing. David advised the compartment lock does not work, but know that it was shut when he parked the vehicle on 12/8/2023. David stated he does have cameras, but they do not point towards the truck. David sent me video footage of an unknown subject walking in the alley by his residence and onto the sidewalk near where the truck is parked. David stated that the owners of the property are aware and asked for a report to send to insurance. Prickett advised David he needed serial numbers for the items stolen, and he has yet to give the serial numbers. At this time, there are no suspects. 

December 14, 9:50 pm. PO Matthew Ganiron was dispatched to East Fourth Street in reference to a structure fire. Upon arrival, Ganiron observed that a bedroom on the east side of the upper story of the residence was on fire. The Greenville Fire Department was already on the scene upon Ganiron’s arrival and performed a sweep of the residence, with nobody inside being located. A short time later, the complainant/involved person, Curtis Scott, arrived on the scene and stated that he had been inside the residence during the fire before leaving to call for help. Curtis was treated on scene by Greenville Rescue for minor injuries sustained as a result of the fire. Curtis stated that he has been working on the residence on behalf of the owner, Kennith “Kenny” Rodgers, who lives out of state. Dispatched checked for the residence’s owners and found that it was owned by owners Kennith and Trina Rodgers. Contact was attempted with the owners via telephone, with contact being unsuccessful and a voicemail being unable to be left due to the inbox being full. Curtis stated that he had candles lit in the bedroom but “far enough away to not catch the blanket on fire” for heat. He stated that he woke up from sleeping with his bed being on fire. Curtis stated that he attempted to put the fire out but was unsuccessful and ultimately had to climb out of the second-story window, where he later fell to the ground after hanging there and yelling for help. After falling, Curtis stated he ran to Towne House Motel, where he contacted 911 for help. The fire at the residence was able to be extinguished by the Greenville Fire Department. Curtis was transported to the Towne House Motel, where he stayed for the night.

December 14, 5:02 pm. PO Matthew Ganiron was dispatched to Wagner Ave Rural Kind in reference to an instance of menacing. Upon arrival, Ganiron spoke with victim Odin Zeller, who stated that he had been in a verbal altercation with someone while he was in the store. Odin stated that the altercation with the suspect had originally occurred while at Aldi when Odin made a sarcastic comment to the suspect for being rude to a cashier at the business. Odin stated that the suspect told him that he needed “to mind his own fucking business” before flipping him off as Odin was leaving the area in his vehicle. After leaving Aldi, Odin proceeded to Rural King, where he went to get some items. While checking out at Rural King, Odin stated that he observed the same suspect from Aldi at the entrance of Rural King. Odin stated the suspect started yelling and cursing at him, telling him he needed to mind his own business before eventually threatening him by stating that he “was going to beat his ass.” The suspect then left the area after being told to leave by employees of Rural Kind and left the area prior to the officer’s arrival. The suspect was described as a larger older male wearing a plaid shirt, jeans, orange hat, and gray beard. Rural King employee/witness Laurie Mills stated that she had heard and observed the incident and completed a witness statement. Witness Justin Washington recounted a similar story to Odin and stated that the suspect left the area in a blue Chevrolet Cruze with an Ohio personalized license plate JS619. Justin completed a witness statement. Dispatched checked the license plate in LEADS/NCIC and found that the blue Chevrolet belonged to Jane Smith out of Greenville, OH. Through some investigation, it was found that suspect Roby Smith was married to Jane and matched the description of the suspect. ODin agreed to participate in a photographic lineup in order to help identify the suspect. At approximately 5:34 pm, Odin arrived at GPD to complete the lineup. ODin was taken to interview room #2, where the photographic lineup was conducted, and Ganiron acted as the blind administrator. During the course of the lineup, Odin identified two suspects. After seeing the two individuals Odin identified, he confirmed that he believed Roby was the suspect. Odin completed a witness statement and victim rights form. When asked, Odin stated that he felt threatened by the suspect during the incident. On December 15 at 6:50 pm, Ganiron went to Roby’s residence to inquire about the incident. Contact was made with Roby, who admitted he had been at both Aldi and Rural King at the time of the incident, as well as confirming that the incident had occurred. Roby stated that he told Odin, “You’re lucky you’re not older because I would kick your fucking ass.” Roby was cited for menacing and served his copy of the citation, as well as being advised of his mandatory court date. 

December 15, 4:16 pm. PO Ben Conley responded to Wagner Ave in reference to a shoplifting complaint. Upon arrival, Conley made contact with employee Jodi Edger and the suspect Kaylee Hines in the loss prevention office. Jodi stated that staff noticed Kaylee walking around the store, placing several miscellaneous jewelry items as well as miscellaneous baby items in her cart. Jodi stated that Keylee then selected a lunch box from the shelf and placed everything that was in her cart into the lunch box. Jodi also stated that staff observed Kaylee placing items into her pockets as well. Jodi stated that Kaylee then took the lunch box with the miscellaneous items as well as the items that were in her pocket and walked out of the front door without paying for them. Kaylee passed all points of sale and was stopped on the sidewalk outside the store. Jodi also stated that they believed Kaylee still had items in her pocket that were stolen. Jodi filled out a written statement and a victims’ rights form. Conley then spoke to Kaylee. Kaylee was passive-aggressive and would not answer any questions the first time they were asked. Kaylee had a puffy jacket on, and I observed the pockets to be full of merchandise. Conley located additional finger painting supplies in her pockets. Kaylee did not make any admissions. Kaylee was issued a citation for theft as well as warned for trespassing. Kaylee was then released. 

December 15, 4:22 pm. Sgt. Monnin was dispatched to Virginia Avenue. This was in reference to a complaint of a dog at large. The complainant advised that the resident on Virginia Ave was not able to control his dog, and it was off the property unsupervised. Monnin arrived on the scene at 4:42 pm. And he activated his cruiser camera. While eastbound on Virginia Avenue, Monnin observed a female holding onto the collar of a brown K9 and walking through the yard on Virginia Avenue. The female was walking towards the residence on Virginia Avenue and took the dog inside. Monnin made contact with the male resident, Spencer Kouts. Monnin asked Spencer if the dog that was out running loose was his. Spencer advised that the dog was his and that his child accidentally let the dog out because the front screen door doesn’t latch all the way. Spencer also stated that the dog was registered to him. Spencer admitted that the female holding the dog was Kylee Holbrook, his girlfriend. On September 13, 2023, Spencer was cited by Officer Kreitzer reference failure to control dog. Spencer was convicted in Darke County Municipal Court on 9/26/2023. Spencer was issued another citation for Failure to Control Dog, which was enhanced to Fourth Degree Misdemeanor in reference to the previous conviction. Spencer was issued a copy of his citation and admitted to the offense. 

December 16, 11:47 pm. Sgt. Monnin was dispatched to Russ Road, Taco Bell, in reference to a traffic offense complaint. The complainant advised that the vehicle, a Silver Jeep in line for Taco Bell, did not have its headlights on while driving on the roadway. The vehicle was also swerving all over the roadway before arriving at Taco Bell. Monnin arrived in the area and immediately observed a 2019 Silver Jeep Cherokee being operated southbound on Wagner Avenue at Russ Road. The vehicle did not have any headlights illuminated to the front of the vehicle at 11:50 pm, while it was dark outside. The vehicle then turned westbound onto Russ Road from Wagner Avenue. While making the turn, the vehicle failed to stay on the right side of the roadway and crossed the double yellow line. I followed the vehicle for several blocks, and it still did not have any headlights illuminated. A traffic stop was made on the listed vehicle on Russ Road near Sugarmaple Drive. While the vehicle was pulling over to the side of the road, both passenger side tires went up onto the curb. Monnin approached the vehicle and confirmed the operator of the vehicle to be Lauren Blocher. While speaking to Lauren, Monnin could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath. Lauren’s eyes were also bloodshot and glossy, and Monnin observed an open alcoholic beverage in the center cup holder. Monnin asked Lauren how much she had to drink tonight, and she advised just two beers. Monnin asked her to hand him the alcoholic beverage, which was about half full. The beverage was dumped out and disposed of. The alcoholic beverage was a 12-ounce Simply Peach. Due to the driving behavior and the indicators of alcohol consumption, Monnin asked Lauren to exit the vehicle to perform a set of standardized field tests, and Lauren refused. Once Lauren refused to perform the SFST, she was asked to exit the vehicle to be placed under arrest for operating under the influence. Lauren exited the vehicle and was placed into handcuffs that were gap-checked and double-locked. Lauren was mirandized and placed into the rear of my cruiser. Lauren’s vehicle was picked up by a valid driver. Lauren was transported to GPD, where she was read the BMV 2255 form. Lauren consented to a chemical breath test. The results of the tests showed Lauren’s BAC had a concentration of eighteen-hundredths of one gram or more by weight of alcohol per two hundred ten liters of the person’s breath. Lauren’s BAC was .181%, and she was placed under an administrative license suspension. Lauren was also issued a copy of her citation, a copy of her test results, and a copy of the BMV 2255 form. Lauren was also issued warnings for the headlights and lanes of travel. Lauren was released to a valid, sober driver. 

December 18, 4 pm. PO Ben Conley responded to Harrison Ave in reference to a trash complaint. Upon arrival, Conley observed a mattress in the side yard leaning up against the porch. Conley contacted the property owner, Darren Bergman, and advised him of the complaint. An email was sent to the Safety Service Director. Conley will check back in five days to see if the mattress has been removed. 

December 18, 5:17 pm. Cassie from the CAP office brought a wallet to GPD that had been left behind by Michael Hargrove at their office. They made contact with him on 12/11/2023 at 10:02 am and advised him. As of this date, he still has not picked up the wallet. There was no current address or phone number for Hargrove due to him leaving the shelter. The wallet was placed into the property room for safekeeping. 

December 19, 7:35 am. Det. Joseph Wolfe observed a 2010 Chrysler 300 being operated southbound on Green Street and had stopped for a red light at the intersection of Green Street and Martin Street. Wolfe observed that the vehicle failed to signal 100 feet prior to turning and waited until it was stopped at the light before signaling left. Wolfe also observed that both of the vehicle’s front tires were past the white stop bar. A traffic stop was conducted for the violations. Wolfe made contact with the driver, who identified himself as Michael Beeman, and advised that he did not have a valid driver’s license. Wolfe ran Michael through LEADS/NCIC and found that Michael’s Ohio driver’s license was under a total of 13 suspensions, including, most recently, an open Non-Compliance Suspension from 10/29/2021 to 10/29/2023. Wolfe also found through LEADS/NCIC that Michael had an active felony warrant for his arrest through the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office for a drug charge, no bond. PO Kiryluk arrived on the scene, and they made contact with Michael. Wolfe advised Michael to step out of the vehicle which he complied. Wolfe advised Michael of his warrant, and he was detained in handcuffs, which were double-locked and gap-checked. Michael was searched incident to arrest, and no contraband was located. Michael’s warrant was confirmed by GPD dispatch. Wolfe transported Michael to the Darke County Jail, where he was incarcerated for his warrant. Michael was issued his copy of the citation for driving under suspension. 

December 19, 4:10 pm. PO William Daugherty was dispatched to East Fourth Street in reference to a dog bite. Upon arrival, Daugherty met with complainant/victim Bryce Robinson, who is the property manager. Bryce stated that while checking outside the residence for water leaks, a brown and white pit bull was on the property’s front porch on a leash attached to the house. While checking the house, Bryce stated that the dog lunged at him, biting him on the left forearm, piercing his coat, and breaking his skin. Daugherty observed the piercing area of the coat and three teeth marks on his left forearm. Only one of the three marks pierced the skin. Bryce denied any medical attention. Daugherty spoke with the dog owner, Matthew Harrison, who stated he secured the Pitbull inside the residence. Matthew was aware of the incident but did not see anything due to him being inside. The dog warden responded on the scene and took a separate report related to this incident. Bryce stated he did not want to press charges.