Greenville police blotter


Jan. 13, 2:10 p.m.: Police observed a grey Honda Civic bearing Ohio license plate HSU6732. Through LEADS/NCIC the plate was found that the registered owner was not valid and had failure to reinstate, along with the vehicle registration being expired. Officers conducted a traffic stop stopping the vehicle at the 300 block of Martin St. Police made contact with the driver who identified herself as Macy Zehringer which was not the registered owner. During the traffic stop Zehringer reached into the glove box of the vehicle to retrieve a registration, when officers noticed the listed Apex Delta Gen 2 black handgun in a black holster sitting in the glove box. Zehringer was instructed to keep her hands up and on the steering wheel, as they retrieved the firearm that was found unloaded with no ammunition, securing it on my person then instructed Zehringer to step out of the vehicle. After having her step onto the side walk out of the roadway, police asked Macy who the firearm belonged to, she stated it belonged to Shane Grant, her boyfriend, who is the son of the vehicle’s registered owner, Shawn Grant. Zehringer stated that Shane purchased the firearm from MM Defense weeks earlier. Zehringer stated that she was only 20 years old making her unable to possess/conceal a firearm in the vehicle legally and she was not aware that Shane had the firearm in the vehicle. More officers arrived on scene speaking to Macy as police returned to my patrol vehicle to check with dispatch through NCIC/LEADS if the firearm was stolen. The serial number of the weapon returned stolen out of Philadelphia Police Department in Pennsylvania. Zehringer was placed in the back of my patrol vehicle and read her Miranda rights as we continued our investigation to make sure the weapon was confirmed stolen. After further investigation and dispatch speaking with Philadelphia Police, it was found the firearm that they reported stolen was a stainless ECW brand 9mm handgun from a 1992 report. The police department also informed our dispatch that our listed firearm was not their stolen one and to disregard. After speaking with the Prosecutors office, it was decided that due to the vehicle not belonging to Macy and the firearm not being loaded, Macy was released from the traffic stop and the firearm was transported by me to the owner, Shane on North Gray Avenue. Upon arrival, the firearm and holster were signed over and released to the owner Shane Grant.

Jan. 14, 6:34 p.m.: Police dispatched to 1501 Wagner Avenue, Wal-Mart. This was in reference to a complaint made by a Loss Prevention employee, Jodi Edgar. Edgar advised there was a subject in the store she thought may have been stealing recently and she wanted that person trespassed. Upon arrival through the pharmacy side entrance police witnessed a separate subject who knew as Stephen Bright. Bright attempted to exit the store through the Pharmacy Side exit but he saw me and immediately started walking south inside the store to the grocery exits. Officers yelled for Bright but he refused to turn around and kept walking. Police caught up to Bright and confirmed his identity while he was still inside the store. Walmart advised they have record of him being trespassed on October of 2020. Greenville PD has record that Bright was trespassed again on May 13. Bright was detained and a citation was issued. Walmart completed a victim’s rights form and a statement. Walmart also provided surveillance video of Stephen inside the store.

Jan. 17, at 10:10 a.m.: Police dispatched to 400 block of E. Fifth Street in reference to a trash complaint. Upon arrival, officers observed various pieces of trash scattered throughout the front porch and small pieces of trash along both sides of the residence. They attempted to make contact with a resident of the home. Police weren’t able to get an answer at the front door. A five day trash notice was posted in the front door of the residence. Police then made contact with Safety Service Director Ryan Delk. He advised there should not be anyone living at the residence and a bank had taken over ownership. Officers advised him that there appeared to be stuff inside but they weren’t sure if anyone was still residing there. The Darke County Auditor’s website has Pennymac Loan Services LLC as the owners of the residence. Police attempted to make contact with them but weren’t able to get an answer. A certified letter will be mailed to the company with a copy of the notice.

Jan. 17, 9 p.m.: Police were dispatched to the 300 block of East Fourth Street in reference to a suicide attempt. Upon arrival, police made contact with a female resident who informed me she no longer wanted to live, and that she ingested 16 daily dosed of multiple unknown prescription medications. She stated she needed to go to the hospital. She was then willingly transported to Wayne ER by Greenville Township Rescue for a mental health evaluation.