Greenville FFA Members Participate in Drop the Mic

Picture: Jayden Hicks and Taylor Trissel

On January 22nd and 23rd, four students from Greenville FFA competed in the virtual Drop the Mic preliminary invitational. This invitational was for those students who compete in public speaking in the areas of Creed, Beginning Prepared, Advanced Prepared, and Extemporaneous. This contest was hosted by the Bloom-Carroll FFA Chapter in Carroll, OH. 

Students in the Creed contest recite the FFA Creed from memory while adding in movements to emphasize important words or statements from the Creed to a panel of judges. Afterward, they answer questions about the Creed. Those in the beginning and advanced prepared contests, write, memorize, and recite a speech on an agricultural topic of their choice, and it must be within a certain time limit, while those in extemporaneous choose a topic at the contest and have thirty minutes to research and prepare a four to six-minute speech on the drawn topic to a panel of judges. 

This is the first time Greenville has participated in the contest, and students who participated believed that it really helped them prepare for the upcoming county public speaking contest. Students who participated in this contest included Emma Stith in Creed, Taylor Trissel in Beginning Prepared, Allison Francis, and Jayden Hicks in Extemporaneous. 

The top 10 students from each contest then moved on to compete in the in-person finals. Taylor Trissel and Jayden Hicks moved on and participated in the in-person finals this past Saturday, January 27th, and received a Drop the Mic tote for making it to the finals. Taylor placed 5th overall in the Beginning Prepared contest, and Jayden Hicks placed 2nd overall in the Extemporaneous contest and received a gift card for his accomplishment.

Congratulations to all these members for competing and to Jayden and Taylor for making it to the finals and their respective placings!