Great Darke County Fair Grand Opening 2023


The Great Darke County Fair 2023 has officially started!

The Grand opening and ribbon cutting began with a raising of the American Flag by Greenville Veterans. Mark Foxly, Iven Christian, Don Deidrick, and Commander Robert A Foster represented the disabled veterans of America in Darke County Chapter 57 and all Darke County Veterans and raised the flag.


Fair King Andrew Wuebker sang the National Anthem.

Following the National Anthem was the Invocation given by Pastor Alex Murphy.

“For a kid who grew up in Darke County and coming to this fair, when I was asked to do this, I reflected on all the memories that I have in this place,” Murphy said. “There are so many memories that we all share of moments that just mark us when we are here at the fair. These moments shapen and change the direction of our lives.

“Ecclesiastes says that the gift that God has given us is that we would be happy, do good, eat and drink and enjoy the fruit of our labor, and that is exactly what the fair is.”

After the prayer, Fairboard President Greg Pearson took a moment to thank Amy Erisman and her flower crew for their work on the flower beds around the gazebo.

Pearson then lead community members to gather behind the ribbon for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Fair King Andrew Wuebker and Fair Queen Elizabeth Brewer cut the ribbon, officially kicking off Fair Week.

Following the ribbon cutting, Representative Warren Davidson took the time to speak.

“Thanks for everyone coming out today,” Davidson said. “I especially want to thank all the people who did work prior to today. So much work goes into making this fair possible.

“The people that do the work to make it happen, the people that are raising animals, showing their work, whether that’s livestock or crafts or other things that go on here. It really is about work ethic and pride.”

With amazing events planned throughout the fair, a fun and exciting time is sure to come again this year!